Which part of GO AWAY do you not understand?

Ok, I’ve had enough.

Enough of real estate agents, that is.

And just to say it up front: My dad is a real estate agent as well but that’s besides the point. I know for a fact that he does not annoy the living daylights out of people who choose NOT to receive text message spam by removing their numbers promptly if the person asks. I know because I asked him what I can do to stop these annoyances.

Heck, they are more than annoyances. They actually piss me off!

I did not sign up to be told where’s the latest condo launch or to check out the next house that is “HOT PROPERTY!!!!”. Did I mention that we even get spam emails telling us of the latest condo launch near the school with ‘special discounts’ offered??!!

Here’s the deal: I really don’t give a flying f***. Even if I do want to sell my house, I will sell it on my own.

What gets my beef is how there is absolutely no law in Singapore to prevent such spam and we, the consumers, are left to fend for ourselves, having to deal with these unsolicited text messages on a weekly basis. During bad times, I can get up to 3 of such messages in a day!

Why don’t I just unsubscribe from the messages, I hear you ask.

Yes, I have done that. On countless occassions. What I suspect is, instead of actually removing my number from their listing, my number probably gets flagged out in RED AND BOLD to say that THIS NUMBER IS WORKING! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND SPAM!!!!

So instead of getting less spam s*** in the inbox, I get a whole torrent!

But wait. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I think.

My dad has shared that there is now hope for the world. Hallelujah!

The CEA or Council for Estate Agencies has just been set up in 2010. It is a statutory board set up to “administer the enhanced regulatory framework for the real estate agency”. Best of all, I spotted this section under “Are you a consumer?” called ‘Making A Complaint’. There are also many avenues to submit the complaint which is great news!

You bet I am bookmarking that page because the next time I receive spam from another real estate agent, I am clicking on that link immediately.

So there.


10 thoughts on “Which part of GO AWAY do you not understand?

  1. I got TWO consecutive calls today from different insurance companies. Funny thing is I already have my own insurance agent (who is my friend) from the company. So what’s up people? Don’t you know you’re “stealing” clients from your colleagues????? Duh! Irks the hell out of me too!

    1. Sigh. Apparently, insurance agents belong to different companies under the umbrella brand (i.e. AIA, Prudential, etc) so I guess they are still fighting for business. Dealing with irritating credit card companies and banks is another pet peeve! *growl*

    1. Yes, I do the same. It’s sooooo annoying and yet we can’t do anything about it! Just read that CEA has some new rules so I’m hoping it includes these spam mail/sms.

  2. I have the exact same experience!! I think once you record your name in one of those guest books at showflats, there’s no way out. Looks like I have to start clicking that link too!

    1. I have never left my details at any showflats (much less visit any!) so I still have no idea where they got my details. I know that one way that they get data is through lucky draw coupons so I’m usually quite careful not to leave my hp number (and just leave your office/home number).

  3. I hate these spam smses and emails as well. There was once the agent actually called me early in the morning and start ranting away, thinking that i am a personnel from CMIB. He was talking for 5mins straight without giving me the opportunity to say that i did not meet him at the Showflat the day before and i’m definitely not from CMIB. Zzz.

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