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miss ene eats: Egg3 Cafe – A bit of a blah

A couple of friends mentioned this cafe to me a while ago but I haven’t had the chance to check it out until last weekend. I have to state upfront that if you follow the address (Mountbatten Centre along Mountbatten Road), it is a lil’ misleading, especially if you are driving. The trick is to actually enter by Guillemard Crescent along Guillemard Road. We mistakenly turned into Mountbatten Square which is not the correct place.

After a couple of missed turns, we finally found the place – Mountbatten Centre.

Looks pretty deserted for a Sunday afternoon, doesn’t it? The entire place is made up of different blocks and it used to be Haig Boys’ School. The rest of the buildings now house playschools and the such. There was a colourful playground right in front of Block D which is where Egg3 Cafe’s located.

Egg3 Cafe incorporates furniture that you can purchase along with a cafe. A neat little idea, if I may say so myself. I love pretty furniture and was pretty excited to check out what they have in store. Apparently, there’s the original Egg3 lifestyle concept store (is that a fancy name for shop that sells expensive and fancy furniture?) at Erskine Road.

The cafe was pretty empty save for 2 other tables of patrons and we found a table easily. The first thing I noticed was the lingering smell of food in the air and that’s one thing that gets to me – I hate smelling like food!

That’s the menu in the foreground in the pink folder and I thought it looked familiar. I was correct – I flipped it over and it is indeed from Prints, one of my favourite stationery stores.

We decided to share the five-spice roll as a starter. The boy ordered the fish and chips with coleslaw while I opted for the bacon and mushroom spaghetti. There’s an option for the type of sauce you’d like with your pasta and I chose the cream sauce. Originally, I wanted something healthy and glanced at the salmon but it costs something like $34. Gulp.

While waiting for our brunch to arrive, we checked out the furniture on display.

I even spotted a magazine with the sister on the cover. Heh. (that’s her on the cover of ‘Stuff’ on the left).

I particularly like this wall set-up. Such lovely colors!

These little red figurines cut a striking figure…

Even though the items on sale were pretty cool, nothing jumped out at me in particular. That’s a good thing, I guess. Or else I might have walked out with a random piece of item for the home that we completely don’t need.

Our food arrived soon enough.

The verdict? I thought that for all the hype and price that they’re charging, the food’s ridiculously…simple. I was expecting a wider variety of food or perhaps even more ‘exotic’ fare. However, as you can tell from the above, we didn’t have much choice with the mains and ended up with pretty typical fare. Granted, the food wasn’t bad. In fact, it was pretty decent. However, at $5.90 for 4 small piece of five-spice roll (or ‘ngoh hiang’ as we call it here) and $15.90 for the spaghetti, we were really expecting more.

We left the place with our tummies filled but with a strange emptiness within. Ok, I’m being a tad dramatic here but for a similar experience and much better quality food, I would head back to Arbite anyday. Many have raved about how the decor is quaint and that it’d be lovely to sip tea and read a book but for me, I can do that right at home at a fraction of the cost. Also, as mentioned above, the smell of food hangs in the air and that really gets to me. There was a small outdoor seating area but really, there wasn’t much of a view to look at – unless you like looking at a nondescript road that doesn’t get much traffic.

Besides, its offbeat location is a little too far out for us and as the boy puts it, if we were to drive all the way there, we’d just head to Old Airport Road or to any of the lorongs at Geylang for good (and cheap) grub. As such, I don’t see us returning any time soon as the food isn’t much to shout about.

However, I have to add that if you are looking for a casual place to have brunch without the crazy crowd and mad parking situation (and you can put up with food smells on your clothes), this is the place to go.

Egg3 Cafe
231 Mountbatten Road
#01-06 Block D
Mountbatten Centre
Tel: +65 6241 3823

Opening Hours: Tue–Sun: 10am – 9pm (Closed on Mon)

4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Egg3 Cafe – A bit of a blah

  1. Lovely typewriter and that old school buildings brings back memories. But you know what I am glad I am not in primary school anymore …it was pretty torturous and a time when teachers could abuse kids openly even though we were super obedient (think we were scared out of our wits).

    I like the novelty of a new food place. Thanks for the warning about the prices.

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