1900 ingredients

I was introduced to this book by a F&B colleague. He was trying to show me the different parts of a cow because we were having a conversation about making stews, steaks and what nots.

The sub-text reads: “A classic reference encyclopedia of world foods” and boy, was I fascinated by it! There were pages and pages of food-related information and pictures to accompany the text.

I really love these 2 pages from the pasta section. I had no idea that pasta came in sooooo many different forms, shapes and colours! I was positively astounded and kept ooh-ing and aaah-ing as I flipped through the book.

Each food chapter starts with a short introduction. Once you turn the page, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the different types and categories of said food item.

I’m not sure if I’d finish reading the entire book but at the very least, it’d look good on the kitchen shelf along with the rest of the cookbooks. Tee hee hee.


2 thoughts on “1900 ingredients

  1. Wow, useful book. I feel quite lost at the supermarket sometimes cos I don’t know how to choose food. Like which part of the cow is good for pan fry or BBQ, what type of fish to get for various cuisines, etc. Yeah, I need to learn the basics of buying raw ingredients even before cooking them.

    1. That makes two of us, girl! I’m usually very lost when it comes to the meat section at the supermarket and unless it’s labelled specifically (i.e. ‘pork chops’), I cannot differentiate the different types of meat!

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