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Update: The neighbourhood idiot

So what’s the update with the neighbourhood idiot, I hear you ask.

I am pleased to report that after the poster in the lift, he has been parking decently the past couple of days. In fact, he has chosen to park at the more obscure lots so that even if he parks like an idiot, he’s not blocking off any lots.


However, I am not convinced that this reformed behaviour is going to last. The last time I left a note, he played fair for a couple of days but soon after, he was back to being a idiot.

See? I was really polite despite my actual feelings of wanting to staple his hands to his steering wheel.

Yesterday afternoon, we ran into one of our neighbours from the same floor. Wife’s an air stewardess and hubby’s in the police force. The hubby’s the chairperson of the MCST (Management Corporate Strata Title).

Chatted for a bit and I admitted to them that I was the one who placed the poster in the lift. His wife then animatedly said that the day before I put up the poster, she also left a note on the idiot’s windscreen telling him the same – to park properly! Woots!

She did, however, admit that her note was a lot less cordial and she pretty much told him to stop being a f***er. YOU GO GIRL! Oh, and I’ve also found out which unit he stays at. *smirk*

Before we parted ways, we both agreed that if he continues to park like an idiot, we’d both beat him up have a chat with him.

Right. It is time to practise my kungfu discussion skills. Hiiiiii-yak!


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