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The neighbourhood idiot

I live in an apartment where there are a total of 16 units in the block, including us. This would severely lower the chances of having strange beings as neighbours, right?

Or so I thought.

For the past couple of years that we’ve lived at our lil’ place, we have had to contend with:

  • a stack of old newspapers abandoned in the lift
  • broken, rotting wood furniture left at the lift landing
  • large pieces of rubbish left on top of small dustbin by the lift
  • neighbours choosing to drill their walls at 7.30am on a Sunday morning
  • pieces of orange skin trails leading from the main gate to the lift ala Hansel and Gretel

Did I mention that there are only 16 units in the building?

But what really takes the cake on an almost daily basis is the owner of this car. These photos were taken over a period of time across several months.

Notice a pattern? Yes, the driver/owner of this car cannot park. Did he buy his license at a kopitiam across the Causeway? Is he actually driving without a license? Is he just a complete idiot who has no sense of consideration for everyone else in the building?

There are already limited lots in the carpark and when he (yes, it is a he) parks like that, he prevents another car from taking the lot beside him! My colleagues tell me that some Singaporeans park like that on purpose so that other cars can’t park beside, hence preventing scratches.

WTF?!?! Seriously?!?!

Currently, our apartment block is being painted which means that even more parking lots are being taken up.

On Sunday evening, we arrived home to see this:

And that was the final straw. I had thoughts of puncturing his tyres, smashing his windscreen and pushing his car into a ditch but did not want to risk going to jail so decided against it.

Instead, I did this:

I stuck it in the lift beside the buttons so if he misses it, he is probably a blind idiot or he can’t read English. For every other day that he doesn’t park properly, I am going to stick up the note (assuming he takes it down). If he still doesn’t get it, I am going to plaster his car with it.

Watch this space.


30 thoughts on “The neighbourhood idiot

  1. Ooh, I wait with bated breath to see what happens next. I think this person is just being really inconsiderate! If he/she can’t park properly, then they shouldn’t be let on the roads.

    1. I wanted to stick the same note on his windscreen but the car wasn’t there. This means that he’d probably see my note in the lift when he returns. I’d give him a couple of days to learn how to park properly…

  2. Sad to say, but true. There are people who park this way on purpose so no one will accidentally scratch their precious car. I guess they don’t count on people doing it on PURPOSE cos they are so damn annoyed.

    If he wants to take 2 lots, he should at least take the unsheltered ones!

    1. This strange behaviour just reeks of inconsideration at its finest. It’s not as if there are 100 of lots for you to park indiscriminately?! There are 16 units and there are 16 lots. Thankfully, not everyone in the building drives so there are still a few empty lots but they are a lil’ hard to get into (at an odd angle, etc).

    1. Ooh, I’ev never heard of Modern Family (suaku me). Shall go google it in a bit. Glad to have made your day Ting! Btw, I have another friend who uses the nick Ting on my blog as well so it took me a while to realise that it was another Ting. Hehe.

    1. To be honest, I’m usually not this brave (my bark is worst than my bite!) but inconsiderate behaviour really riles me. Like I always say, I’m glad guns and violence are illegal in this country. Or else, I’d be sitting in jail.

    1. It was brought up before at the last meeting but apparently, this idiot either can’t read or comprehend English/Chinese (minutes were in both languages!). Or both.

    1. Heh, thanks Jolene. Actually, I just want him to freakin’ PARK PROPERLY!!!!! I wonder if the rest of my neighbours feel the same. Then we can oust him from the neighbourhood. Not sure how but the thought of it makes me happy.

  3. I can’t wait to hear how this progresses. Boy you are brave!! I am a total chicken in comparison. If it was a one time thing, I would think an elderly person who can’t park properly and I would give them the benefit of the doubt.

    But since this has been documented as something recurring, I can understand your frustration.

    1. The driver’s an uncle (probably in his 50s?) but that doesn’t mean he can be inconsiderate. Like I mentioned, I wouldn’t mind it so much if it occurs sporadically because we all have bad parking days but to do it so often!? Aiyo….

  4. awesome. Reminds me of the BMW that parked beside my tiny jazz, when there were plenty of space beside the BMW. I had to hop into the driver seat via the passenger seat. Some drivers are just so inconsiderate!

  5. There is an exact same idiot living in my neighbourhood. But the idiot drives a Volvo SUV. You should upload a photo of the car to the ‘Parking Idiots in Singapore’ blog. Yes, this site is REAL, hur hur.

    1. See the co-relation between big car owners and bad parking? Jasmine above mentioned BMW and now, your parking idiot drives a Volvo. Big car = hard to control = don’t know how to park?

      Yes! I’m aware of that site. They’ve been around for a while but the updates stopped for a long time. Didn’t realise that the site got revived. But there’s so much aggro on that site, it scares me. Go check out some of the comments left by anonymous people. Yikes.

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