Sunday dinner

We had a pretty busy weekend – one wedding dinner on Saturday (where we met a tattooist who’s the boy’s camp-mate) and TWO baby one-month celebrations on Sunday. Phew. We were pretty stuffed from lunch on Sunday so decided to go easy at dinner.

This is my fail-proof bruschetta: Onions, tomatoes, bits of garlic, topped with cheese and a dash of mixed herbs. It only took 3 minutes in the oven for dinner to be ready.

Quick, easy, fuss-free and oh-so-yummy. If only there was mushroom soup to go along but I was too lazy to bother. Heck, I was too lazy to even heat up soup from a can. Yes, I was that lazy…


2 thoughts on “Sunday dinner

    1. Aww thanks! It’s actually really easy and yummy. It’s great for gatherings because you can prepare the stuff before hand and assembling them takes like 2 mins. Actually, I prepared this because I was too lazy to even pick up the phone to order takeaways or to take a 3-min walk to the main road to buy prata. But yes, being too lazy to even open a can of soup probably takes the cake. Ha!

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