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miss ene eats: Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery

I took the afternoon off on the first workday of the year because the boy had the day off as well. I had plans to head out for a nice leisurely lunch but the skies opened and it started to rain cats and dogs.


Lunch became marmite chicken wings and leftover pasta from a couple of days ago. Turns out that the Marmite chicken wings were a tad salty. More on that later.

What I want to write about is the discovery of a new bakery at nex. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that nex is the latest ginormous shopping mall to open in Singapore. Yes, yet another shopping mall. What makes this special is: nex is about 3 bus stop away from our home!


Met up with Miss E to check out the mall because she’s neve been there (it was my 2nd time). We wandered about the HUGE mall and found ourselves at a little corner at basement 1. One thing to note: nex has A LOT of food places. This is one place you will not go hungry. I swear there was a food-related shop every 20 steps or so.

At this little corner was Shokutsu 10, a type of Japanese “town” food hall selling all types of Japanese food. A little like Shokudo at Raffles City but on a much smaller scale. Venturing deeper into the food hall, we stumbled upon this little bakery called Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery.

Alas, I forgot to take photos of the place but found some lovely ones at this blog. Miss E got excited and started buying the green coloured buns (green tea ones filled with pumpkin) while I stuck to the ‘safe’ choices,  i.e. the an pan buns and a sausage bun for the boy.

Photo from Miss E

I  had a sneak bite of Miss E’s classic green tea bun with pumpkin filling and it was rather delicious! The bun was soft and the filling was flavourful without being cloyingly sweet.  Best of all, according to their website (which doesn’t contain much information except for their location, really):

No preservatives and no addictives additives are used in our bakery products.

Ok, I know that statement doesn’t sound gramatically correct but I get the idea!

This morning, the boy sent me a text message to say that the bread was “quite nice” and is quite “different” from the usual bread. My an pan bun was pretty good as well – the ‘tau sar’ was very smooth!

Now, I’ve got a good reason to go check out their baked goods again.


4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery

  1. Hehehe… I think they meant additives. Not addictives.

    No no! No cocaine here. No nicotine either. Not a touch of morphine.

    1. Hi bookjunkie (love your nick!), thanks for dropping by with a comment too. I found myself reading loads of your entries and have just bookmarked it. Keep writing 🙂

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