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Our quiet NYE dinner

For the past few NYEs, we would usually head out for dinner with our usual group of friends. We’d then head off to a secret location to view the Marina Bay fireworks and if we were still up for it, supper thereafter.

It was a little different this NYE.

One couple just had a baby and the confinement month is not over yet. Another guy is away. As such, we had no plans for NYE and decided we’d spend NYE in our way…

I decided to make a simple dinner of penna bolognese with a side of asparagus.

As you can see from the picture above, I was putting my Christmas present to good use! And true to what I’ve heard, it cooks wonderfully.

I followed a recipe from this cookbook titled ‘bolognese sauce’. There I was, happily chopping and slicing until I read this one line:

Turn the heat down and simmer with a lid on for about an hour, stirring every now and again to stop it from catching.

An hour??!!! Why didn’t I see that earlier?! Oh maaaaan. I was pretty much napping the entire afternoon (hehe) and was only starting to prepare dinner at close to 7pm. By the time I was done chopping and slicing, it was close to 7.30pm. To simmer it for another hour would mean that dinner would be at…close to 9pm?!

I wanted to scream at myself for not reading through the recipe thoroughly before going into it blindly. And to think that I confidently told the boy ‘very easy one lah!’ when I told him what I was making for dinner.


I really couldn’t wait for an hour for the sauce to simmer so I cheated and simmered only for about 25 minutes. Not the best but our tummies couldn’t wait. This miscalculation also meant that my penna pasta was already cooked (turning colder by the minute) along with the asparagus! I told the boy that the asparagus would now be an appetiser to keep hunger at bay first.

Added in the last bits of ingredients into the final step and dinner was finally served.

Thankfully, it didn’t turn out too bad and I ended up with quite a bit of sauce and pasta leftover so it all went into the fridge. It should make for a nice lunch for the boy tomorrow who has the day off (lucky him!), unlike me who needs to go back to work. Pffft.

Note to self: Scrutinise and read every single line of any new recipe first before stepping into the kitchen!

Our NYE wasn’t all that boring and quiet though. We did head off (a short walk away) to the Serangoon Swing for the countdown! More on that in another entry…


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