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I just caught this clip on Channel V and was squealing in excitement. NKOTB (or New Kids On The Block to all who are allergic to acronyms) and BSB (Backstreet Boys) are performing together for the first time, on the same stage, at the American Music Awards 2010!

This is going to seriously diminish any music cred that I have but when I was a hormonally-charged teenager, I was in lurrrrrrve with NKOTB. Or to be specific, I was in love with Joey McIntyre. I thought he was the hottest thing to walk the planet. The sister and I used to ‘perform’ with our hairbrush to their songs, complete with dance steps.


Jonathan Knight (brother of Jordan Knight) is missing from the lineup. Guy on extreme left is from BSB. L-R: Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre (swoon) and Donnie Wahlberg (yes, brother of Mark Wahlberg, the actor)

Go watch the clip and reminisce. What really amused me in the recent performanc is how their dance steps is a replica of the ones they did back when they were famous. Awwwww. What silly lil’ memories!

Here they are again – this time with BSB – performing at the New Year’s Eve countdown in New York.

*sings* Step by step…oooh baby….

Here’s them way back then:

And here’s the 2010 version:



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