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miss ene’s 2010

[There are 2 post-dated entries below this entry – check out what the boy and I received for Christmas from each other!]

Most bloggers I know do a wrap-up post for the year, i.e. Rach at The Pleasure Monger and Z at Scibbles and Snapshots. I looked through the archive of this blog and realised with a gasp that I usually let the New Year pass without saying anything. Wow. I remember writing about the year pass in my old blog (that is now private and no longer in use) but apparently, have never written one for this blog.

So here goes my attempt.

2010 is the year I found myself baking and cooking more, exploring a side of me that is pretty different from what I used to be/like. Some were disasters, some turned out pretty decently. Previously, it was difficult to do any form of baking because I grew up in a home without an oven. Yes, you read me right – we did not own an oven. The only type of oven we owned was a microwave oven and we all know how you can’t bake cookies and cakes in that! My mum wasn’t into baking then so yep, no oven. All forms of cooking was also done by mummy dearest who made yummy food almost everyday then. There wasn’t a need for me to step into the kitchen except to raid the fridge, really. With our own home/kitchen and our own oven (yeay!), this means that I can experiment a lot more. Thankfully, the boy is a willing guinea pig and haven’t suffered any major trauma to his digestive system. Yet.

2010 was the first year we became eligible to give out red packets during Chinese New Year. I can now fully understand why young couples (and couples without kids) run off for a holiday during the season. Looking at the stacks of money we changed at the bank was enough to get us a nice beach holiday complete with villa and driver. I think. At the moment, I don’t think we’d be running away during the festive season because as strange as this sounds, it is actually quite enjoyable giving out red packets, especially to the lil’ ones.

2010 was the year we visited Hokkaido, a trip we took almost on a whim. I still remember the boy flicking me the day’s newspapers and saying: “Go choose a place to visit. Let’s go on a holiday!” We had a most lovely time in the northern bit of Japan on the self-drive holiday (our first too!) and must say that it is, quite possibly, the best holiday we have taken so far together. I also visited Bali (for the 2nd time), Sabah (work trip but still, a trip overseas), Taipei (with the sister and mum) and Shanghai (the boy’s part-work trip, part-holiday).

2010 was also a year that my health wasn’t at its best. ‘Health is wealth’ is indeed wise words and I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2011 will be a much better year, health-wise.

2010 also saw miss ene switching to the iphone after years of using Nokia – I have been a Nokia fan since the day I used a mobile phone – and to the Macbook. As the saying goes: Welcome to the dark (bright?) side. I believe my life changed forever, especially with the iphone. Thanks to the map application, I no longer get too lost on the road. Hee hee.

2010 was the year I experiened my first car accident with our own car and my very first flat tyre. Not the best of experiences but I take it in my stride that I wasn’t hurt (except for the car, in the accident) and that one should count our blessings, however small.

2010 is also the year that we tried to add a little one to the family but have’t been very successful. More importantly, as the boy puts it, no one can say that we aren’t trying so for the new year, our attitude is ‘come what may’. As I have always believed, what will be yours,will be yours eventually. No use hankering after something that wasn’t in the first place. By the way, remember Yi Lin from the Maybe Baby blog that I talked about? She recently found out that her 2nd IVF attempt’s successful so she’s currently pregnant. Words cannot express how happy I am for her and her hubs. I am sure 2011 will be an exciting one for them.

On that note, with the new year in a couple of hours, here’s wishing all of you a year ahead filled with endless possibilities, a whole bagful of good health (very important!!), happiness, love and blessings.

Happy 2011 everyone *hugs*


14 thoughts on “miss ene’s 2010

  1. What a lovely post Selene.. Happy new year to you my friend.. May 2011 be a fantastic one for you and your hubs and may all your wishes come true in the new year.

    I am inspired by your positive attitude towards your unsuccessful attempts at baby making! Hope that 2011 may be THE year for you! 🙂


    1. Thanks Rach! It was very lovely meeting you in person too and who knows, maybe one day, we’d pop by London and you can show us all the lovely eating places you and M have been checking out!

  2. Thank you babe for the honorary mention. I’m glad to have gotten to know you this year. From the looks of your blog, you have accomplished loads this year, especially with regard to cooking and baking *respect*. Have a wonderful start to 2011 tonight and may all your wishes come true next year 🙂

    1. Thanks Yi Lin! I always enjoy reading your blog entries on Maybe Baby and is always looking forward to the next one. Looks like your 2011 is going to be exciting one now that the bun’s firmly in the oven! Woots!

  3. Hey babe, lovely post! Kind of late here but happy new year as well! Lovely blog by the way and keep the posts coming in the new year!

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