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The boy’s new toy and the DodoCase

In early December, I gave the boy an ipad for his birthday. I decided that for Christmas, I’d get him an ipad cover. I didn’t want to get a typical one from the shop so went about doing some research on the internet. It was then that I discovered the DodoCase.

These handmade cases employ a traditional book-binding style to create these faux leather covers for the ipad and they are made in San Francisco.

I fell in love quickly.

There was a choice of colours for the inside sleeve and I’d decided to get the blue one. Blue for the boy, ya know? 😉 Besides, I know that he wouldn’t want a bright red one – too much attention.

I was hoping that it would arrive in time for Christmas and kept looking out for it. Days went by. Christmas came by. Still nothing. I was a tad afraid that it wasn’t going to arrive at all…

Finally, on 29th Dec, it arrived.


The sides are made of bamboo with corner pads at the 4 sides to hold the ipad in place. I read on various websites that sometimes, the ipad doesn’t sit in properly but thankfully, we had no such problems. Over time, the corner pads may lose its grip but thankfully, we can order new ones from Dodocase online – FOC.

Here’s how it looks without the ipad in it:

I think it’s a really handsome-looking cover and I hope the boy thinks so too!


2 thoughts on “The boy’s new toy and the DodoCase

  1. They’re lovely cases, aren’t they? I love how it looks like a hardcover book (and not like a typical iPad case). They now ship via Fedex which makes it easier to track so no more waiting stress!

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