Vanilla chiffon cake

We had a quiet Christmas Day. Except for dinner at the in-laws, we spent the entire day lazing at home. It rained pretty heavily in the late evening and I decided on a whim that I’d like to do some baking. I ran out of plain flour which rules out quite a bit of recipes so I rummaged around the cupboard for other bits. I was also lazy to let butter soften in the open (which would take about 30 minutes) because I knew that I’d usually lose the interest to bake by the time the butter was ready. Heh.

Found some cake flour and decided that I’d try out the vanilla chiffon cake recipe. I’ve made pandan chiffon cake before but have never tried making the vanilla one. Best of all, I had all the ingredients required and no butter was required. Yeay!

In a jiffy, the cake was ready.

The lines were created unwittingly because I placed it on the wire rack to cool. Makes a nice pattern, no? Heh.

We each had a slice with a bit of Belgian Chocolate ice-cream on the side and it was yums. A lovely Christmas night snack.


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