miss ene’s first real cookbook!

I was at Tott with Miss R, Miss E and Miss JY the other day and bought myself a real cookbook.

I’ve always liked Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows on TV because he makes it look really easy. A quick flip through the recipe book confirmed that there wasn’t any hidden steps in the recipes. It looked pretty simple and more importantly, the recipes didn’t call for exotic ingredients that I can’t get my hands on (or had no idea what they are).

Last week, I decided to put the book to good use and attemped one of the simpler recipes from it – Baked cod wrapped in bacon with rosemary.

It seemed easy enough and indeed it was. My only complaint is: Cod is soooo expensive.

Also, the instructions doesn’t specifically say ‘2 tsp of olive oil’ or ‘1 tsp of salt’. That got me in a tizzy for a bit because I need precision! Then again, I remember cooking is all about the ‘feeling’ (according to friends out there who cook) so I literally splashed a bit of olive oil all over.

Assembling it was easy enough. I meant to find 2 pieces of cod, one for each of us but there wasn’t any to be found at Cold Storage except for these small pieces. I made do and bought 4 small pieces instead.

Popped it into the oven for 12 minutes and voila, it was done!

Made my own honey mustard salad dressing using this recipe from Noob Cook. The only honey I had in the fridge was Manuka so I used that. Turns out that the taste of the honey overpowered everything else so it wasn’t very nice. Pffft. I guess I’d have to get ‘normal’ honey the next time I attempt it again.

Even though the portions looks deceivingly small in the picture above, we were both stuffed after we were done! In fact, I could barely finish my 2nd piece of cod. And to think that I wanted to roast some potatoes to go along…

For every recipe that I try and complete successfully, I’m going to put a gold star on the page. Let’s see how many stars I end up with by end 2011!

Also, it has inspired my 2011 resolution:

Eat better. Live happy.

What is your resolution? 🙂


6 thoughts on “miss ene’s first real cookbook!

  1. Rach – Thanks babe. Yes, Jamie’s recipes actually seem quite easy!

    Su-Lin – Heh, I don’t actually mind getting a *bit* fatter. But must eat healthier! MUST!

    Serene – It was pretty decent! And he uses very ‘normal’ ingredients. What I also like is how you can use similar ingredients over a couple of recipes so you don’t just buy one big bottle of sauce and it ends up sitting in the fridge.

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