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Baby, I can keep you warm

During our recent trip to Shanghai, the temperate was hovering between 5 to 14 degrees. It doesn’t seem too bad on paper but in reality, it gets incredibly chilly especially when the wind blows. Brrrr. Also, living in a tropical country like Singapore doesn’t quite prepare you for how cold it actually gets (no, the full-on airconditioning at the cinema/shopping mall doesn’t count). A couple of days before our trip, we headed to a winter wear sale where the boy bought himself thermal wear and a wooly  hat. I am deathly afraid of the cold so decided that I’d get myself a down jacket. Trying it on in the crowded shop (how come everyone needed winter wear?!) meant that after 3 seconds of having it on, I was starting to perspiring. Eeeeks. I was even a tad concerned that I was overdoing the winter wear with a down coat. I mean, it wasn’t -20 degrees, was it?

All that changed the moment we arrived into Shanghai. Suddenly, that down jacket didn’t seem all that strange after all. In fact, almost everyone had some sort of big coat on and I was actually glad to have one. It turned out to be my best buy for the trip because it kept me nice and warm. It also comes with a hoodie so I could keep my head warm.

Did you know that about 80% of our body heat escapes from our head?

This is why in cold weather, one must always keep your heads covered and warm! I’m not sure where I read that little nugget of information but it’s been stuck in my head since.

Another handy thing to have are heat packs.

Yes, it was really chilly, hence the hoodie and the heat packs!

What you do with the heat packs is to take them out of the packet and then shake them. A chemical reaction will then take place and the packs will become warm to the touch. The best thing to do is to place one inside each pocket of your coat. Best for warming up icy cold fingers!

Over time, I’d tell the boy that my face is frozen and I can’t feel my nose anymore. He’d then take a heat pack out of his pocket and hold it against my nose. Hee. Doesn’t quite work though but I appreciate the cute gesture.



One thought on “Baby, I can keep you warm

  1. I swear by these heat packs and I buy them in big packs before I go off to a cold country. I also throw one each into my boots when I go snowboarding. Another useful tip to have in the absence of heaters. Throw a couple of these heat packs into your bed and viola – heated bed as you sleep the night away. 🙂

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