Intercontinental Shanghai Puxi

We stayed at the Intercontinental Shanghai Puxi during our recent holiday. Located in the Puxi area, it is not located at the shopping areas (i.e. Nanjing Road) and was about a 10-15 minute cab ride away. It is really close (about 5-7 minutes walk) to the Shanghai Railway Station which is great if you intend to do a day-trip out. It also has a huge driveway and a large, expansive lobby.

The boy had already checked-in the night before so once I arrived into the city, I could head straight up to our room. I was seriously in need of a good sleep after that horrible flight. We   had a lovely room on the 28th floor and a lovely view of the….

…road, buildings and a construction site. Heh. Actually, I think this is already a pretty decent view as compared to some hotels in Hong Kong and/or Macau where you draw the curtains and come face to face with the laundry balcony of the neighbourhood. Or worst, a brick wall.

I really like the muted colours of the room and it actually reminded us of our home. We had a king-sized bed too which was really comfortable but the pillows were a little too soft for my liking. No pillow menu here, unfortunately. There’s also a generous table across from the bed for the business traveller but no free wireless connection! Grrrr.

Now, the bathroom was pretty huge. It had marble floors and a mirror tv. Wow! I was pretty taken by the tv and would turn it on just to watch some random show while brushing my teeth because I can.

Yes, that’s Taylor Swift on MTV channel.

And did I mention that the toilet bowl’s automated? So darn cool, I want one too! Whenever you walked near, the cover would open automatically. Once you’re done, just walk away and it’d flush. Phwah! Super cool lor.

Love the separate shower stall and bathtub too. Shower stall had 2 options – rain shower or a ‘normal’ shower head. Did I mention that I actually hate rain showers? I find it very overwhelming when all that water comes down all over my head. Ha.

Between the bathroom and the bedroom is a wardrobe area.

Please pardon the mess. That big luggage belongs to me and if you look really carefully, you can just about make out the boy’s (tiny) luggage next to mine. Yes? Also, there were 2 separate bathrobes hanging in the wardrobe, one in white and the other in pink. Awww, how cute! Unfortunately, the pink one was way too long for me so I looked like I was drowning in it so I gave up.

Other in-room amenities include a Nespresso machine along with 4 capsules. I was tempted to make a cup just for the heck of it (p.s. I don’t drink coffee!) but after reading the fine print, realised that each capsule costs about S$4. Oops. There was complimentry packets of Pickwick tea and it was most lovely drinking a hot cup of camomile tea in the winter cold snuggled under the duvet. Ahhh….

Overall, we had a good stay at the hotel but here are a couple of niggling bits:

As the hotel was pretty new, parts of it was still under renovation. This means that there was a strong smell of turpentine/paint in the air. In fact, the boy and I had a constant dull headache everytime we stepped into our room. Hopefully, this should be resolved once the hotel is fully and properly opened.

Service-wise, I found that for a hotel of this class, I was expecting warmer and better service. Till today, I will always remember the Intercontinental Manila because I experienced impeccable and warm service. It has been a good 6-8 years ago but yes, I still remember the great level of service. Service wasn’t bad but it was very matter-of-fact.

In summary, if you are looking for a comfortable stay, this is a good hotel to be at. However, if you want to be within walking distance to the shopping areas, you’d be better off at another hotel.

Intercontinental Shanghai Puxi
No. 500 Hengfeng Road
Zhabei district
Shanghai 200070

Tip: If you are travelling to Shanghai (or China, for that matter), always have the name and address of the hotel written in Chinese. Taxi drivers don’t understand/recognise the English name. Everytime we hopped into a cab, the boy would bellow:

大哥, 恒丰lu, 五百号! (I can’t find the chinese word for ‘lu’ – irritating!!)


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