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Happiness from a tin box

Thanks to a friend who works for a hotel chain in Shanghai, we managed to get pretty attractive rates for our accommodation at Shanghai (thanks G!). As a little thank-you gesture, I bought a 1-gallon tin of caramel crisp popcorn from Garrett’s which apparently, is their signature flavour. I was a little concerned that I might get stopped at China customs with said tin of popcorn confiscated (rah!) but thankfully, none of the above happened. I breezed through easily. Heh.

I left the popcorn at the hotel’s concierge for my friend to pick up but he couldn’t find the time until last weekend. Soon after, he posted a series of pictures on his Facebook profile of his really cute son enjoying the popcorn.

Here’s one which really made me smile:

Awwwww. How gleeful does he look? One little dude and an entire gallon of popcorn to devour. No wonder he’s happy. Heh.

I’m glad you like the popcorn lil’ Kai! Eat them over Christmas with your papa and mama along with a hot bottle of milk (milk for you – the adults can drink wine). I’m sure it’d be lovely 🙂


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