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miss ene has the worst luck in the world

So my flight to Shanghai was a red-eye one departing at about 1am early Saturday morning. The boy was already there so I was flying in alone. It would take about 4-hour-ish and arrive into the city at about 6 in the morning. This means that I had to get some shuteye on board, otherwise, I’d turn into a major grouch.

I had already checked-in online (online check-in rocks!) so I knew I was going to get my window seat. By the way, I always like the window seat because I like to have a wall that I can lean against to snooze. Heh.

When I boarded the plane, there were 2 empty seats beside me. I kept my fingers tightly crossed that it’d remain empty but when the plane began to fill up, I knew that the chance of having empty seats beside me were pretty low. So I hoped for the next best thing – someone slim, smells nice and doesn’t snore please. I kept glancing at the passengers that were boarding steadily but everyone moved right past me.

The minutes ticked by…the seats remained empty. Oh joy!


Just as I was about to sigh with happiness, 2 very very fat prosperous-looking Indian men walked down the aisle, seemingly looking for their seats. I held my breath because at this point, the plane was pretty full already.

“No, it can’t be…noooooooo” I thought and hoped.

Well ladies and gentlemen, as you would have already guessed from the title of this post, no prizes for guessing where their seats were.

Yes, they had seats beside…me.

Beside ME!!!!!!!! WHY???!!!! *tears hair out*

I was chatting with the sister on Whatsapp while waiting for the flight to take off and was giving her a blow-by-blow account of what was happening in the seating saga. Snapped this picture to illustrate my agony and of course, she couldn’t stop laughing at my misfortune and horrible luck.

To make things 100x worst, my seat partner had extremely hairy hands. Like, VERY SUPER DUPER OH MY GOODNESS level of hairy. The back of his right hand (which was on the seat divider between him and I!!) had hair growing all over it. It was almost like a patch of (wild) grass that was in serious need of a trim. He was wearing a ring and poor ring looked like it was struggling to breathe amidst all that…hair.


Like I told my sister, I really needed a stiff drink at that point.

The truth is, I did not drink nor eat anything. They served breakfast at like 4am in the morning (like, why??!!) and I declined it. Just kept my eyes closed and the blanket pulled up to my chin to try and sleep. Unfortunately, I had little sleep on that flight because I was deathly afraid of my seat partner falling asleep and then leaning over to my side.


Needless to say, miss ene arrived into Shanghai bleary-eyed and in a Level 10 grouchy mood. Pffffft.


What was your worst flight experience? Please share to make me feel better, thanks.


5 thoughts on “miss ene has the worst luck in the world

  1. LOL, oh dear! Well, on the bright side, it was a relatively short flight so you didn’t have to get up to use the loo and squeeze past your neighbours and rub against their bellies…thighs….hair…. ew!

    Nightmare flight is any flight that has cranky kids wailing non-stop. On the recent trip, passengers behind us treated their touchscreen displays like POKEscreens and kept stabbing the back of my seat…. and then complained when we tried to recline our seats to rest!

    I hope your return flight was a much better experience! I love the window seat too – just so I can lean my head against the cabin wall. Rather than over the aisle and risk getting whacked by the food trolley or someone’s hips.

  2. Su-Lin: Oh maaaan, that sounds absolutely gross. You know, I think your situation actually sounds worst than mine. At least my seat partner didn’t smell. Eeeeks.

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