Who is your race partner?

I’m currently watching The Amazing Race Asia – Final episode and it got me thinking again: Would I be able to survive such a race with the boy? It is a question we always ask ourselves when we watch the reality show together. We’d look at the task and then declare who will do it.

I told the boy that I can jump off the highest platform, walk on a tight rope, dash through fire or even hold a lizard (!!!!) but when it comes to anything that’s food-related, I turn into mush. This means that if we had eat to something strange (and possibly gross), I cannot do it. I remember one episode when the contestants were in New Zealand and they had to eat some local grub which essentially is a live fat white worm. Just watching it on tv made me want to barf. How to take part like that?!

I also know that if I have to go without sleep and/or food, I’d turn into a major grouch which means that I’d be snappy and irritated all the time. This will also lead to me giving up really easily. I know, I have a weak mind 😉 This is where the boy comes in because his mental strength is easily 100x stronger than mine. This is why I always say that if I’m ever captured an enemy, I’d give away state secrets (if I know any lah) the moment they put food in front of me or offer me the chance to sleep.

Tee hee hee.

Oh and the boy will be really good with memory-related stuff! He’s got the memory of an elephant, I tell ya! Case in point: I’d go to a place like, 10 times and still get lost (!). The boy drives me to the same place ONCE and the next time we go back, he remembers exactly how to get there, including the correct block number.


Ok, I’m not all that bad. I guess I’d be good at music/rhythm-related challenges since the boy’s erm, not very good at it. Hee.

Who would you race with?


5 thoughts on “Who is your race partner?

  1. Dan and I actually applied for ARA Season 1 but didn’t even get selected for an interview. Phooey. They got Melody Chen and friend instead that year.

    I swore I would shave my head if need be for a million bucks.

  2. Despite the fact that John and I have both our strengths and weakness and i reckon we could do well working together.. I don’t think I would have him as my race partner… because I think we’ll be at each other’s throat all the time! Not that i don’t trust us, i think i just dont want to put us in that situation! LOL

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