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Ruyi: Avoid at all costs

I had to be at Resorts World to run an errand (more on that in later entries) so I decided to grab a quick lunch first. My original plan was to grab a bowl of ramen at Ramen Play but having tried it before and didn’t think it was particularly good, I was happy to go check out another place beside it – Ruyi.

It is a fast-food style, quick-service restaurant ala McDonald’s except that they serve chinese food.

I wasn’t quite sure what to order but the zha jiang mian (炸酱面) looked good. Just as I ordered it, I spied a yummy-looking picture of ‘Honey BBQ Pork Rice’. So I decided to switch – without looking at the price.

Turns out that the (small) bowl of Honey BBQ Pork Rice costs a whopping…..S$7.20.


Ok, I don’t mind paying for good food but for a bowl of char shao fan?!

My expectations were running very high.

In 5 seconds, my expensive bowl of lunch arrived. Check it out:

Yes, the char shao pieces are generous but after the 10th piece, I was feeling a bit ill from eating too much pork. Taste wise, it wasn’t too bad but I couldn’t get past the fact that I paid $7.20 for a (small) bowl of BBQ Pork Rice served in a paper bowl with plastic cutlery.

Avoid at all costs. Unless you are starving and really need to eat something. Then again, Breadtalk is right opposite.


2 thoughts on “Ruyi: Avoid at all costs

  1. Haha we paid $9.80 for ‘3 dishes’ of the Malay version of ‘mixed vege rice’ at the MBS food court!!

    The only positive side is – think how much we’re earning from tourists!!

  2. I’ve eaten at Ruyi before and as what you’ve said, I’m for the idea of ‘Avoid at all costs’ unless one’s in need for Chinese fast food. RWS needs to have a wider range of restaurants!

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