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miss ene eats: Arbite – A little gem

The boy introduced me to this place after he met a friend there for coffee. It  is located at Serangoon Gardens, in the same row as the Guardian Pharmacy, on the second level. To be specific, it is beside Sushi Tei.

Here’s presenting a little gem of a place: Arbite

I was a little hesitant about blogging about this place because what if loads of kiasu Singaporeans check it out and leave us with -gasp- no available tables when we head there for a lazy brunch on the weekend? Then again, I decided that one must always share good news and food so here goes 🙂 Please pardon me for the less-than-stellar photo qualities. You can check out real nice photos of the actual place on their website.

Check out the lego bits on the wall leading up to the restaurant – so cute!

The first thing that greeted us was this row of menus hanging on the wall.

As you can see, most of them are already dog-earred from overzealous diners. Heh.

We were there for brunch on a Saturday and it was pretty filled, save for 1-2 empty tables. The small cosy restaurant doesn’t sit many but thankfully, the distance between each group of diners were comfortable enough to not know who the other party is gossiping about (unlike Crystal Jade restaurants!). The decor of the place can be described as Ikea-ish but in a nice positive way (i.e. not in a cheap and will-break-apart way) – think light wood, black/white wooden frames, etc.

The boy was going to get the full-on, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Arbite breakfast while I decided that I shouldn’t be greedy (since portions seemed quite huge) and get a chicken sandwich.

Check out the size of the Arbite breakfast! So big can?! The boy had a very very happy belly by the time he worked through it all. The verdict? He declared it “Yummy!”. Small point to make: I’m also happy that they serve Lurpak butter – they’re good! My grilled chicken sandwich was pretty awesome too. Don’t be misled by its seemingly small size. I was really full after the meal and had to forgo dessert.

Boo hoo hoo.

We also ordered a pot of Camomile tea to share and I have to admit, I drank most of it. Burp.

Even though it was a casual diner, most of the patrons were decently dressed, i.e. no sloppy pyjamas, curlers in the hair, that sort of thing. They looked to be from the neighbourhood and there was a mixed crowd of friends, family and couples. No crying babies though – phew. In fact, I felt a tad shy about wearing slippers.


We managed to make a second visit back to Arbite with the BFF, her hubs and their lil’ baby (who gnawed on bread because she’s still too young for anything else). The 2nd time round, we managed to share a slice of what the place terms as “My Wife’s Chocolate Cake”. It’s essentially a slice of chocolate cake served with a scoop of Movenpick ice-cream.

Look at it in all its chocolatey goodness! It was sooooooo good! Moist and rich without being cloying, it was so good! The BFF and I ate it all up very quickly. Burp. In fact, blogging about it now makes me feel like having another slice. Mmmm…..

So if you’re ever in the area and is looking for a small cosy place for a nice meal, go check Arbite. Just remember to leave space for dessert!

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tel: 62870430

Opening hours: Tue – Fri, 1130 am – 10.30 pm, Sat – Sun 1100 am – 10.30 pm.


2 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Arbite – A little gem

  1. Then you’d be sure I’ll be one of the kiasu Singaporeans to join you at Arbite on a weekend 😉 My next try-out when I return to Singapore will be this one, added into my list!

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