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Christmas tree III

I still remember clearly the day we had our very first Christmas tree. I was beside myself with joy because Christmas was never celebrated in my family. Not with a Christmas tree anyway. Hence, the moment we had our own place, we had to have a Christmas tree!

It was a rainy evening last night but that didn’t stop the boy and I from heading to Ikea at Alexandra to get our third Christmas tree.

We picked up the usual 1.6m tree because anything bigger will mean that we won’t have any more space to move about in the house! Heh.

The moment we got home, we went about setting it up. It may seem like a trivial thing but I really enjoy putting up the Christmas tree together. We took out the decorations from the box that’s been packed away since last December and put up the baubles, the strings and lastly, the lights. Once that was all done, I turned off all the lights at home and flicked on the light switch.


Presenting, Christmas tree – 2010 version!

And what a lush and pudgy version it is! It made me laugh. In fact, it is so wide that we have a bit of a problem trying to enter the house. Wahahahahaha.

Here’s a comparison with our previous 2 trees:

2009’s version

2008’s version

Here’s the very first present for the BFF’s daughter that goes at the side of tree. We can’t place it underneath because it’s so lush that the present will disappear. Heh.

So who wants to come and admire our Christmas tree? 🙂


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