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I’ve got it!

Note: This is NOT an advertorial.

Remember this entry sometime back? Thanks to all you lovely readers who pointed me in the right direction, I’ve got my hands on it!

I got it from an online shop called LovesCoach Singapore and the entire buying process was painless and fast. Sent them an email and they replied pretty quickly too. I have to add that their email went into my spam box so after a few days, I was wondering what happened to my order when it hit me that the email might have landed in my spam box – and I was right. Made an internet bank transfer and promptly received an email and a text message to inform me of location to pick up the item. Fast and easy – I like.

I didn’t have time to make my way to the pick-up located till Saturday and on my way there, I received another call from them to check if I am on the way to collect it. I guess they found it strange why this weird girl made payment and not want the goods. Haha.

Pick-up was fast and easy. I was given the iphone cover and told to do a check on the spot. Once all was in order, I signed on a piece of paper and was given a copy of the original receipt from the Kate Spade shop in the United States.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

I ripped open the package and used it immediately. It fitted perfectly 🙂

And this is the lovely print at the back of the back cover:

Sorry for crap photos – I took them in the car and the lighting wasn’t great.

miss ene is a very happy girl 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’ve got it!

  1. Woo hoo! You got it. Looks really good! I’m gonna sneak a peek on the link.

    By the way, the only vivid memory I have of Shanghai was indulging in the mutton kebabs along the streets, eating xiao long xia (goes by weight) and maybe this omelette thingy with stuffing!

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