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Restaurant In The Square

If you have been following this blog, you’d notice that my usual workplace is a little different this semester. I am actually based at the little island of Sentosa. On campus is a little student-run restaurant called Restaurant In The Square or RITS for short. They are open every weekday from lunch during school term only so if you’re in the vicinity, come by for lunch! It’s very reasonably priced at S$10.00 nett for a 3-course meal for staff and students. For the public, the same set will cost $15. And if you still have tummy space at the end of the meal, throw in an additional $2.50 for dessert!

Miss Hobbes is also based at the same island so we decided to lunch there last week.

All the serving staff you see below are students. There are also students in the kitchen preparing the food but rest assured that all dishes have to be checked by the instructors before it reaches your table so no danger about inedible food there. Heh.

The place is popular with the current students (both tables above were occupied by students!) as well as the lecturers when looking for a respite from canteen food and Koufu food court round the corner.

Tantalising pictures of food on the wall.

Miss Hobbes ordered the mocktail of the day which consisted of apple and watermelon. It was, according to her, pretty refreshing! Notice the salt rim?

First up: The appetizer

The chicken pieces were very tender and succulent. Paired with the orange froth (is there a proper name for it?), it made for a refreshing salad. A good start!

Miss Hobbes’ main:

Miss ene’s main:

Portions were very decent and both were pretty delicious. The teriyaki sauce served with my salmon was a tad sweet but bearable. The salmon was also cooked perfectly so I felt like I was being infused with Omega 3 with every mouth I took. Heh.

Lastly, we shared the dessert (we topped up $2.50 for it) and it was yummy! Well, I only had the crust and the cream that the strawberries sat in as well as the chocolate stick but according to Miss Hobbes, it was good.

We capped off our lovely lunch with a cup of hot tea (with warm milk!). This was included in the lunch set.

It was a lovely lunch and I highly recommend it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Restaurant In The Square

  1. Yes yes, I forgot to add that $7.50 is the staff price *blush* But lik what Miss Hobbes wrote, $10 is still a very decent price for lamb!

    Yi Lin – Come by! I’d buy you lunch!!

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