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miss ene gets roasted

Bright and early on Saturday morning, bleary-eyed me stumbled out of bed and got ready into exercise gear. It was the diploma’s annual Games and this year, the lecturers decided we’d form a team. It’s a bit of a rarity, seeing that the last time such a team was formed was in 2005!

It has been raining loads the past couple of days so I was a little worried that the event will be a wash-out. In fact, I texted my colleague the night before and said that if I woke up in the morning and it is raining cats and dogs, I will continue to sleep in.

Tee hee hee.

Obviously, looking at this picture, we had nothing to be concerned about.

The sun was out with a vengence and it was BLAZING HOT! There was only ONE large umbrella (the beach type) and we naturally converged under it. Phew. I also faithfully slapped on face sunblock but stupidly forgot to bring the sports sunblock because it would have saved me from being roasted. More on that later.

There were 2 types of games that morning – Captain’s Ball and Street Soccer. We had to play a total of 9 games (!!) but thankfully, each game last 6 minutes, 3 minutes each half. The students were also kind enough to space out our games because I was quite sure we might have keeled over from exhaustion if we were to play continuously. I mean, look. I’m the youngest on the lecturer’s team and I was already TWICE their age.

We were not expecting to progress into the next round but amazingly, we actually won all of our games except for one. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?!? I guess experience (hehe) and size (some of my male colleagues were tall and large) made up for the lack of stamina. I decided that I’d try not to kill myself by running all over the place so I only ran when necessary. Lalalala.

We look pretty good eh? And yes, it was so sunny that it was impossible without sunglasses. I cannot remember the last time I’ve spent this much time in the sun.

About 5 hours in the relentless sun, it was time to head home for a much-needed shower and rest. Spent the rest of the afternoon napping to rest ’em old bones and in the evening, met up with the family for a nice steamboat dinner. By then, the sky has opened up and rain was pouring. Aiyo.

I was feeling pleased that I wasn’t sunburnt until I saw I saw myself under the bright lights of the bathroom. My cheeks had a natural blusher and I looked like an owl, no thanks to wearing sunglasses, i.e. I had 2 white rings around my eyes while my cheeks were burnt. Alamak! I also discovered that my right arm (not the left though, very strange!) was burnt too.

Doesn’t it look like I’ve been beaten up? Yes, beaten up and roasted by the sun. I’m now dreading the peeling process. Time to slather on the moisturiser!

It was good fun though but as I’m typing this entry, my entire body is aching from the sudden muscle workout and I’m walking a bit strangely. Till next year!



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