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The big Sunday lunch

Miss Chiarezza and Miss Rui came round for lunch last Sunday. After about 3 hours (!) in the kitchen, lunch was finally served.

Yes, I made a full-on Japanese lunch for 4. Mighty proud of myself, if I may add!

This is the second time I’ve tried my hand at making Japanese food but this is the first time I’m attempting chawanmushi and miso soup.

Thankfully, they were pretty edible except that the miso soup was a tad salty while the chawanmushi was slightly over-steamed. Oh well, now I know!

Miss Chiarezza also brought over a pot of Yuzu tea that she received as a gift. Oooh, it’s from Pierre Herme! I never knew who he was until I read about him from The Pleasure Monger’s blog.

I boiled some water, put it in a tea-pot and we sat around sipping aromatic yuzu tea from Japanese cups (which the boy never knew we had, btw).

It was a most lovely way to spend a Sunday 🙂


6 thoughts on “The big Sunday lunch

  1. Well done! Aki-san will be pleased to read this post.

    R has the same teacups too. Your rice/soup bowl & main dish setting is more of chinese than japanese style ? 🙂

  2. Thanks ladies! They *look* impressive in pictures. Heh.

    dragonsis – The teacups were gifted to us – very pretty and Japanese, right? Re setting, I don’t have a choice because I don’t have the full Japanese set 😦

  3. Hee, what I meant is the standard Ichijyu Sansai (1soup-3dishes) setting 🙂

    ie Nearest the diner is set with the rice bowl on the left and the soup bowl on the right. Then at far back right is the grilled dish and far left the simmered dish . . . (like the Menu B pic which Aki-san displayed in her cooking school website 🙂 )

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