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Domo turns 3!

Domo is born on Halloween which is why he’s quite the terror so on 31st October every year, we celebrate his birthday! This year, the sister decided not to get him a cake because the last time she did, he didn’t quite like it. Heh. I offered to bake him muffins instead because the last time I baked them, he loved it!

The sister and mum took him out for a day of swimming at a new place in the north-east so in the evening, after dinner, the boy and I popped round to pass the birthday boy dog his muffins.

There were a total of 9 cornflake muffins so he definitely wasn’t lacking in treats!

At one go, the silly dog gobbled down 2 at a go. Check out his satisfied face:

Happy 3rd birthday Domo!


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