me myself and i

A bagful of drugs

Yes, they all belong to me and me alone. Sucks to be ill. And it’s been a week!

I pretty much went to work for 2 days this week and the rest of the time was spent lying in a semi-comatose state in bed, drugged out with strong medication. This flu bug is incredibly resiliant, I tell ya. Some of these meds render me useless which means I cannot function and can only lie in bed to sleep it off.

I guess like they always say: Sleep and rest is the best medicine.



4 thoughts on “A bagful of drugs

  1. Ooo… I like those lozenges. They taste good. Like blackcurrant Hacks. And everyone knows that the blackcurrant Hacks is waay better than the orange one.

  2. za – I actually like the orange ones better! Used to eat loads of them because my Dad carried them in his pocket all the time when we were kids.

    Rach – Thank you! I’m much better already but still, not 100%. Boo.

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