me myself and i

Use sunblock!

Note: This is not an advertorial – I am not being paid to write this!

I know I really should wear sunblock but I’m way too lazy to apply it before my make-up routine. I’m already too lazy to wear make-up but because I really shouldn’t scare strangers with my make-up-less face so you can imagine my resistance when it comes to adding on another step to my make-up routine.

A few weeks ago, I saw my colleague use this product and thought it was perfect for a lazy bum like me.

A spray-on sunblock! From Japan, no less. According to what’s printed on the box:

Sakura UV Hydrating Mist (with SPF 30 PA+++) is derived from 100% hot spring water. The flavour from Mother Nature that has immeasurable benefits for our life.

Erm, not too sure about the 2nd line but yes, it’s apparently made from spring water. Not that I checked so I’d have to take their word for it.

What I love about it is its silky and light texture. It also goes on very easily (just spritz it on your face, like how you’d use a face mist) over your make-up. Awesome! No more mucky around with liquid sunblock from a bottle where I have to spend time applying. Heh.

Best of all, it actually smells really nice! 🙂

Can’t wait to start using it.

In case anyone’s wondering, it costs $39 from Sephora. My colleague told me that it’s currently sold out at the ION outlet but you can get it at the Ngee Ann City outlet.


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