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Sakon Thai

I quite like Thai food. I associate Thai food with beach holidays in Phuket so I’m usually in a happy mood when we have Thai. Ha.

We recently discovered a new eatery in our neighbourhood and decided we’d check it out one afternoon.

It was relatively quiet on a weekday afternoon which was nice. The casual family restaurant is nestled amidst HDB shops selling all sorts of random knick knacks. Right across the restaurant is a kopitiam (there must be no less than 5 kopitiams within walking distance of each other!).

After a thorough look at the menu, I decided I’d be adventurous and order….

Ok, I was being sarcastic. This is not being adventurous. This is, in fact, being downright boring to the max because I order this ALL THE TIME at Thai eating places.

Tee hee hee.

But I really love it! What’s there not to like? Fried egg – check. Sloppy chicken with gravy – check. White rice – check. YUMS.

The boy had thai noodles. Or as the Thais call it:

We also decided to be greedy and order a side of stuffed chicken wings to share.

Overall, I’d say that the food was pretty decent for a neighbourhood. It wasn’t cheap though (considering you can get kopitiam food at a fraction of the cost 20 steps away). I cannot remember how much we paid (about $40?) but I remember thinking it was quite an expensive casual meal. Then again, if you’d like some decent Thai food in the neighbourhood, this is a good place to check out. Oh and the place isn’t air-conditioned but it was pretty comfortable despite the noon heat because there were loads of ceiling fans going at high speed. What I like about the place is also how you can almost imagine that you’re in Thailand as the place is decked out pretty authentically (is there such a word?) – just make sure you don’t look too far out across at the kopitiam and the HDB blocks.

I am unable to provide you with the exact address but it’s at Serangoon North opposite the big Chinese temple. Helpful, yes? Heh.


Sakon Thai
Blk 152, Serangoon North Ave 1
(Next to Stanford Medical Clinic)

(Thanks Junee!)


4 thoughts on “Sakon Thai

  1. Hi miss ene! So coincidental that you just posted! I was passing by the area (my doctor’s next door) this evening and could not resist googling this pretty happening thai place right smack in the middle of s’goon nth (cos’ s’goon nth usually quite sedate) 🙂 Anyway, I saw the add, it’s Blk 152, S’goon North Ave 1, #01-304. Next to Stanford Medical Clinic.

    Actually your opp Chinese temple description is better la 🙂

    And!! I was a BV bride too haha 🙂 Checked out your awesome website before 🙂

  2. No.. was in the area cos’ my hubby had to see the doc. But I’m absolutely tempted by your pics of padthai and stuffed chicken wings! :P~~~ Going to check it out maybe next week 🙂

    On a related note, 2 restaurants you may wanna check out (but further from the s’goon area)! (or maybe you’ve already been there :D)

    1) Porn’s (Pornsak’s restaurant) at Liang Seah St. I went there about 2 weeks ago. Food is decent, nice decor, and it’s quite novel (ok, cheap thrill) having a Mediacorp artiste (i.e. the owner Pornsak) serve you ha ha!

    2) Tom Yum Kungfu (16, Circular Road)
    The steamboat/bbq is good 😀

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! Yes, I’ve heard of Porn’s (read in 8 Days!) but haven’t heard of Tom Yum Kungfu (such a cute name!). Will check it out if I’m in the area 🙂

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