Eat Pray Love

Last evening, we had a date to eat, pray and love 🙂 I refused to read any reviews prior to watching it because I didn’t want to build up any unnecessary expectations. I was pretty excited about catching it because apparently, the book’s pretty good? I haven’t had a chance to read it yet though. Throughout the movie, I expected it to make me think about life with clever one-liners but in the end, I found it rather….blah. It wasn’t boring per se but throughout the movie, I kept waiting for some sort of eureka! moment but it didn’t happen. In fact, it came to a point where I found Elizabeth (Julia Roberts) pretty darn annoying! She was constantly looking pained and disturbed and I was wondering when she’d snap out of it. Also, I didn’t feel or care much for her character even though I truly wanted to.

At some point, I was starting to feel bad about dragging the boy to see it with me.

It didn’t help that the movie moved at snail’s pace and I wished I had a ‘fast forward’ button. At that scene where she was slurping up her pasta, I thought they lingered a tad too long on that. It’s like, ok, I get it. She’s EATing the pasta and ENJOYING her food experience. Can we move on already?

Saving grace? Julia Roberts is good-looking, not that we didn’t know that. Placed against the backdrop of gorgeous sceneries in Italy, India and Bali, it made for a pretty sight for sore eyes. James Franco was pretty hot as well. Heh.


During one particular scene in the movie where a character takes a vow of silence for a period of time, said character wears a badge that says “I am in silence”. The boy turned to me and whispered: I make you one of these badges, ok? *eager look*

Me: ………….

Movie rating: 6 out of 10.


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