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A tale of the furry slippers

The boy has been away on reservist for the past week and will only return at the end of this week. Boo. The house is awfully quiet without him. Double boo.

Yesterday evening, I arrived home to an empty house, threw down my bag, grabbed my wallet and phone and headed out again. I was going to da bao food from the prata shop outside our place for a quick, fuss-free dinner.

As I stared idly into space in the lift, I glanced down at my feet and saw this sight:

ALAMAK! I’ve forgotten to change my footwear from my home slippers to my ‘outside’ slippers!


And yes, I wear furry slippers around the house and feel slightly naked without them. The boy enjoys ‘stealing’ them away from me when I’m not looking and when I try and look for them, I’d notice that he’s slipped them on his feet.

Veeeeery macho.

Wahahahaha. Cracks me up everytime he does it though šŸ™‚


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