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Decleor Regenerating Night Beauty Cream

After our mini spa retreat at Lush Spa, I was given a couple of sample-size Decleor products to try. Usually, I’m not too bothered with samples and would chuck them at the back of the toiletries when I get home. However, this time round, I decided to try out the day and night moisturiser.

Their day cream’s pretty normal but I must say that I’m in lurrrrve with their Regenerating Night Beauty Cream from the Aroma Night range. I’ve tried a couple of night creams before but they were always waaaaaay too oily for my combination skin. I’d wake up and my face would look like an oil slick took place overnight. Not a good sight. As such, I’ve given up on using night cream and would simply use my usual day moisturiser for night.

However, because I sleep in an air-conditioned environment every night, I noticed that my skin is not getting enough moisture. Immediately after applying the day moisturiser, I can feel my face becoming parched again. Boo. As such, I usually have pretty dehydrated skin despite my routine.

I’ve used the Regenerating Night Beauty Cream for about a week now and I can already tell that my face is a lot less dehydrated. Also, did I mention that it smells heavenly? Apparently, Decleor products contain essential oils and this particular cream contains Petitgrain Essential Oil which is a ‘blend of essential oils that are extracted from the leaves and twigs mainly of the bitter orange plant (Citrus aurantium var. amara) via steam distillation.’

Ah. No wonder if smells heavenly! A sure sign that it smells really good is when the boy remarked one night: Wah, your face smells very nice!


I also like that the products are 100% pure, natural and preservatives-free. We’re surrounded by all sorts of chemicals everyday in the food we eat, the products we use and it would be impossible to switch to organic products in one swop so I like to think that I’m taking little baby steps.

Seeing that the sample tube is finishing soon (sob!), I had to run out and buy the full-sized product.

I noticed that not many places carry the brand and since I was in the area today, I popped into the Decleor Institute at Raffles Hotel (it’s located on the 2nd level). I couldn’t quite remember the full name of the product so I could only describe it. The first product the saleslady showed me wasn’t quite it because it didn’t smell the same. She opened a second tester bottle and the moment I took a whiff, I exclaimed: Yes! This is the one!

Yes, I shop with my nose. Heh.

It costs $119 for a 50ml standard-size tub. Ouch. Then again, I always remember night creams to be expensive. Gulp. Oh well. I like to think that I’d only need a small dollop every night for my entire face so it should last me for a while.

What products are YOU using? 🙂


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