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Practise makes perfect?

After the Japanese cooking class on Friday, I got all inspired and excited so the boy kindly accompanied me to Meidi-ya at Liang Court to purchase ingredients for me to replicate what I’ve learnt at home.

On Sunday, I must have spent about 3 hours to put together the meal on my own, ย minus miso soup (used an instant pack instead!) and chawanmushi (too much effort!). In fact, we even went to NTUC at Ang Mo Kio to buy a deep fryer just so I could fry the agedashi tofu properly. Heh.


It turned out pretty good! Yeay! Next time, I’m going to try making chawanmushi.


3 thoughts on “Practise makes perfect?

  1. wah looks super yummy! you’re getting to be so domesticated and good chef!! u know what, as i read this post at the part where you said you had to get a deep fryer to fry the agedashi tofu, i had a deja vu moment. like i told totally came across this scenario before. ok i’m probably going mad haha. can almost taste the food as i read ur 2 posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Pink with Purple – Haha, I guess so! Will have to find some time for it because I don’t have much annual leave left for the year. Hee.

    eunice – Awww. That was such a nice comment coming from you, Miss Domestic Goddess! Thanks! Next time you come back to Singapore, I’d make you a meal, ok? Promise! Still have lots to learn though, i.e. not turning the kitchen into a warzone everytime I cook. You can verify this with the boy.

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