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Practise makes perfect?

After the Japanese cooking class on Friday, I got all inspired and excited so the boy kindly accompanied me to Meidi-ya at Liang Court to purchase ingredients for me to replicate what I’ve learnt at home.

On Sunday, I must have spent about 3 hours to put together the meal on my own,  minus miso soup (used an instant pack instead!) and chawanmushi (too much effort!). In fact, we even went to NTUC at Ang Mo Kio to buy a deep fryer just so I could fry the agedashi tofu properly. Heh.


It turned out pretty good! Yeay! Next time, I’m going to try making chawanmushi.


3 thoughts on “Practise makes perfect?

  1. wah looks super yummy! you’re getting to be so domesticated and good chef!! u know what, as i read this post at the part where you said you had to get a deep fryer to fry the agedashi tofu, i had a deja vu moment. like i told totally came across this scenario before. ok i’m probably going mad haha. can almost taste the food as i read ur 2 posts 🙂

  2. Pink with Purple – Haha, I guess so! Will have to find some time for it because I don’t have much annual leave left for the year. Hee.

    eunice – Awww. That was such a nice comment coming from you, Miss Domestic Goddess! Thanks! Next time you come back to Singapore, I’d make you a meal, ok? Promise! Still have lots to learn though, i.e. not turning the kitchen into a warzone everytime I cook. You can verify this with the boy.

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