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Lush Spa: An oasis

After our lovely dim sum brunch on my birthday, the boy whisked me off to a spa retreat. Woohoo!

Lush Spa is located on the grounds of the Singapore Polo Club along Mount Pleasant Road. I have never heard of Lush Spa but apparently it comes with high recommendations from the boy’s friend at work. After parking the car at the non-member carpark lots (heh), we took a short walk to the spa.

I love how it’s away from the city and quiet. Then again, it was a Wednesday and there was only a handful of people spotted at the club. The spa is located on the 2nd level of the building near the swimming pool.

From the outside, it didn’t look particularly luxurious so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We had to remove our footwear  before entering…

However, I was impressed the moment I stepped in. The place smelt  heavenly (like a spa!) and I swear I felt my stress levels drop by a few notches already.

We were first served tea (I think it was ginger tea) before we were asked to fill up a form indicating everything from the type of massage we liked (hard and firm, please!) to our stress levels on a scale of 1 to 10. I circled “7” and the boy circled “8”. I think he was stressed thinking about the big hole in the pocket the spa session would inflict.


I also have to add that the lady who served us was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop looking at her because she was so pretty. Hee. I didn’t manage to get a picture of her but she looked a little like Fiona Xie with a small oval face and a really sweet smile…


After getting our particulars, she proceeded to let us choose our body scrub type. There were about 12 different types of scrubs to choose from, ranging from the typical lavendar to the premium range (top up $10) such as red wine. Yes, it was my first time seeing a red wine scrub! It’s apparently good for detoxing. Or was it for cellulite? I can’t quite remember. Each type of scrub came with their own wonderful properties and in the end, I opted for a nice herbal smelling one. Can’t remember the name of it now!

The boy booked the ‘Lush Date’ package for the both of us:

A three-hour session of pure bliss! *wiggles fingers and toes*

I also asked about their facial – they use products from Decleor. I decided to “top up” our package with a facial for each of us too. Might as well since we were there, right? The boy had the express facial (60 minutes) while I opted for the class facial (90 minutes).

We were soon ushered to the couple room where unfortunately, I do not have a photo of because it was a tad too dark. Two therapists came in to serve us. My therapist looked like she’s from Indonesia while the boy’s looked like she’s from the mainland.

First up was the foot bath:

Ok, the foot bath was a bit of a cop-out because it says “floral foot bath” and as you can tell from the picture above, there were all of 5 flowers in the water. Each attendant proceeded to “wash” our feet but I could have done a better job myself. They pretty much splashed water around my ankles and in less than 3 minutes, we were done.


We then moved to the massage bed where the body scrub followed. This was pretty good and as usual, I felt like a chicken being marinated for roasting. The therapist was pretty thorough and discreet, ensuring that the cloth was always covering my vital bits while going about with the scrub.

After I was done with the marination scrub, we were ushered to the attached shower stall in the room. We were to wash off the scrub before enjoying a steam bath session. This took place all within the shower stall. It even comes with a seating area for 2. The therapists also told us that once we are done with the steam bath, we can adjourn to the hydro bath.

I have to add that I’m not a fan of steam baths because I usually can’t breathe properly! Hence, I usually put up with it for as long as I can (“it’s good for my skin…it’s good for getting rid of toxins”, I usually chant) before running out of the steam bath in a flash. Again, I had an image of myself as a chicken being steamed…

Next up was the hydro bath. As you can tell from the above picture, it’s quite spacious. I felt really pampered when I noticed a fruit platter along with champagne. This is the life, can?!?!


Finally, it was time for the 90-minute massage. To cut a long story short,  it was one of the best massages I’ve had. As I had indicated on the form (under “Which area do you want us to pay attention to?”), my problem areas are the shoulders, lower back and neck. And boy, did the therapist concentrate on those areas! She pulverised my aching shoulders till they were completely relaxed and spent quite a bit of time on my lower back as well. Awesome awesome awesome. The massage strokes were also strong and firm which is exactly how I like it. There’s nothing I hate more than weak, feathery strokes because it gets me more agitated. Ha.

It was also during the massage session that another 2 therapists entered the room to do the facial. At that point, I felt like royalty, having FOUR therapists in one room serving us. Talk about decadent! Midway through our massage, the skies opened and it started to rain cats and dogs. Having a massage and facial with the rain pelting against the walls outside was pure bliss.

The facial was pretty interesting because if you are used to a “normal” facial, they’d usually use a steamer to open up your pores before doing the extraction, right? At Lush Spa, there was no steamer and the extraction was only done if you wanted it. Also, I’m used to hardcore extraction, i.e. the kind where they don’t-give-chance to your blackheads/whiteheads/spots and do all they can to get it out, usually leaving your face slightly blotchy post-facial. The risk of this happening is even higher if the person working on your face is not very experienced. Here, the extraction was almost done in a “by the way” manner, i.e. very little extraction was done. The facial mask they used on me (some herbal clay mask thingy – can’t remember because I was half asleep by then) smelt really nice and organic too.

After almost 3 and a half hours, we were finally done. I was reluctant to go but we had a dinner to go to.

As the boy settled the bill, I pottered around the reception area and looked at the products they had on sale. It was tempting to impulse buy all the wonderful essential oils they had on sale but I restrained myself. *pats myself on back*

It was a most lovely way to spend a birthday afternoon, all leisurely and relaxing, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Lush Spa
Singapore Polo Club
80 Mount Pleasant Road
Singapore (298334)
Tel:  (65) 6254 9091, (65) 9386 8866


3 thoughts on “Lush Spa: An oasis

  1. Gosh, it sounds lovely!!! We just went to the Spore Polo Club for the first time in our lives last Saturday for brunch. Didn’t know there was a spa amongst all the horses. I suppose the jockeys need a good massage after all that horseriding.

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration. By the way, I hate being in the steam room too. Cannot breathe!!

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