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My bag in a bag!

Note: This is NOT an advertorial. I’m not being paid to say this!

Hands up all of you who end up rummaging through your handbags everytime you need to find something (i.e. your car key, a pack of tissue, etc)! Or hands up all of you who end up using the same handbag for weeks on end because you’re too lazy to transfer everything from bag 1 to bag 2!

Ok, I’m guilty on both accounts. I’m the one standing outside the office door, digging through my bag frantically and finding everything else but the staff pass. Or I’d use one bag till I get sick of it before I switch to another bag just because it takes too much effort to move everything from one bag to another. Worst, I’d usually forget to move one (or two) items from the first bag to the next!

So what did I do?

I got myself a Rootote bag organiser!

I’ve been wanting one for the longest time but never got down to buying it. Bought one for the sister for her birthday earlier this year and totally loved the matte gold with pink lining one (as seen above). I tried to buy one in another design but I still liked this one! Probably explains why I bought it for the sister in the first place, doh!

As you can tell from the picture above, my lil’ bag organiser is filled with:

  • my wallet
  • my medicine pack (I carry anti-histemines with me all the time – that’s in the ballet bear Harrods pink pouch)
  • my tissue holder (the red Hello Kitty one I got from Hokkaido)
  • my little pouch (white polka dots) containing hand moisturiser, lipstick and lipgloss
  • my housekeys (see that green “leafy” thingy sticking out?)
  • wet wipes (at the outer pockets)
  • extra packet of tissue

Phew. Women do carry all sorts of stuff in our bags, do we? 😉

There’s even a side compartment with a little zip! Not sure what can fit in there but I like how the entire bag organiser has loads of little pockets for all sorts of stuff. Yeay!

My life is organised again. I like 🙂

Rootote bag organisers can be bought at Isetan Scotts, at the ladies’ bags section (near the shoes department, on street level).
There are 2 sizes and I got the larger one which cost me $46. There’s a slightly smaller one (just by a tiny bit) that costs $43.


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