Butter cake love

We had plans to visit the Kite Festival happening at Marina Bay but had to scrap the initial plans because the poor boy was down with a bad migraine. After putting him into bed, I was left to my own devices.

Dum dee dee dum.

I then decided that I’d make my cannot-go-wrong-sure-to-please butter cake. I know I’ve made it a million times but I love making it because it’s a no-brainer and it’s always satisfying 🙂

The original recipe calls for 2 disposable tin foil trays and I thought that I had some extras sitting around. Turns out I’ve ran out of them! I then decided I’d use my circular baking tin (meant for carrot cake) instead and kept my fingers crossed that it’d still cook properly using the same oven temperature and timing. I’m not very good at estimating the time required or the correct oven temperature and would usually just follow the recipes to a T.

After50 minutes of baking, I stuck a stick into the middle of the cake to check if it’s done. It came out with a layer of oil. Hmmm. That confused me – was the cake cooked or not? I know it’s a ‘heavy’ cake (hence the oil) but there were no crumbs sticking onto the stick! I poked the stick around a bit more and it came out the same although the area closer to the sides of the pan had crumbs on it.

I decided to take the risk and cool the cake down.

I gingerly sliced the cake down the middle and I was so glad to see that it was properly cooked. Yeay me!

Did I mention that I love the crusty sides? I’d always keep the crusty sides for myself. Heh.

Oh and I added random chocolate chips (from Hersheys) into the mix. Just scattered them at the top of the batter and used the stick to poke them into the batter. This explains the sporadic appearance of the chips!

The boy awoke soon after and together with a cup of tea (from Sabah), we enjoyed a slice (or three) together. Thankfully, his migraine has somewhat subsided so he was a happier camper.

Butter cake rocks! Or have I said it already?


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