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Taipei: Day 6 (last day!)

On our last day in Taipei, we decided to just take things slow and eat loads. Heh. Hard to believe but we were pretty much all shopped out. We decided to just head across our hotel to Ximending for some lunch and to find the shaved ice dessert which we haven’t tried yet!

We headed back to this same little eatery called ‘365 小吃店’ that we ate at a couple of days ago because the food was good, especially the ‘lu rou fan’ and ‘or ah jian’. Natually, we ordered them again!

In addition, mum also ordered the ‘oyster noodles’ or ‘or ah mee suah’ as the locals call it. We had to eat our fill because we were heading home in a couple of hours after this meal! Sob.

The boy always says that I smile the widest when I’m posing with food. What do you reckon? Heh.

After satisfying our tummies, we set out to search for the shaved ice dessert. Coincidentally, we were handed these:

The shop’s called 三兄妹 which literally translates to ‘three brothers and sisters’ and it was a couple of steps away from our lunch stop. We headed up the stairs to the second level.

There were a couple of tables filled with teenagers and couples. Sure looks like a popular place to have dessert! Check out the number of options:

I wisely decided not to order one for myself because I knew I’d never be able to finish it off so I left the ordering to mum and the sister.

How huge are they?!?!?!? Can’t tell from the picture? Here’s one with the sister and the GIANT BOWL OF SHAVED ICE DESSERT:

Very huge eh? I mean the dessert, not the sister’s face. Heh.

I was fascinated with the texture of the shaved ice cream:

After ’em giant bowls of dessert, it was time to head back to the hotel for our taxi ride to the airport. Goodbye Taipei! See you very soon! *waves*


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