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To the first important man in my life

He said that we must always be punctual because we should not waste other people’s time.

He makes a lot of corny jokes where we’d usually roll our eyes but still laugh at the silliness.

He taught me to be prudent by insisting that I write down all my expenses before giving us the cash for it.

He enjoys playing golf and used to give me a running commentary when watching golf on tv. I still don’t get golf.

He keeps himself updated with the latest technology and is probably better at Facebook than many of my peers.

He eats anything and everything and survived work stints in Myanmar and Vietnam with nary a case of food poisoning.

He found a second career after retirement in real estate and is leading a fulfilling and busy life (busier than me, mind you).

He lamented at my disdain for Mathematics and was over the moon when I scored a B3 for it during the O Levels. He was expecting a C5.

He taught himself how to use the computer and his first discovery was Microsoft Excel which he thought was the best thing after sliced bread – he used one cell to type an entire letter (before he discovered Microsoft Word).

He also reads my blog and thinks that I write very well (according to the sister). I think he’s just being kind. (Hi DAD!)

Of course, we are not without disagreements but above all else, thank you for trying to be the best dad you can be.

Happy birthday Daddy! 🙂


7 thoughts on “To the first important man in my life

    1. Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your dad. Actually, I don’t speak to my dad as much as I should (he’s always so busy!) so I thought it’d be nice to pen down my thoughts about him for posterity’s sake.

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