Shilin Night Market (Taipei: Day 5)

Day 5 in Taipei was pretty much spent shopping. It was also our last full day in Taipei. Awww. In the evening, we decided to return to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) again since we couldn’t see/do much on the first night we were there.

We spotted a long queue when we arrived.

Mum and sis joined the queue quickly because we were kiasu keen on finding out what was the fuss was all about. An assistant from the shop came round and gave these out to everyone in the queue:

Can you guess what we were queueing for? Here’s a clue:

It’s the famous GIANT chicken cutlet! The boy’s favourite! In fact, he reminded me to eat some on his behalf. Heh.

Thankfully, the queue moved pretty quickly and soon, it was our turn. Check out its size!

It was about the size of my face, can?! Damn huge lor. Also, because the queue was moving so quickly, the cutlet was sizzling hot. Literally. I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of super duper fried food so I didn’t think it was out of this world delicious. It was a good experience though, eating a piece of chicken cutlet the size of my face. Heh. Naturally, the 3 of us couldn’t even finish half of it. Awwww.

After getting our chicken cutlet, we headed further into the ‘food street’ area.

There were 2 bubble tea stalls facing each other and each was trying to outdo, or rather, out-shout each other. Everytime someone walked near, they’d be shouting at the top of their voices for attention. Heh.

There were also rows of stalls selling fried oyster (or as they locals call it ‘or ah jian’). We decided to stop for a quick dinner before shopping.

The  oyster noodles (or ‘oh-ah-mee-suah’ as the locals call it) were pretty decent but the fried oyster wasn’t very good. It lacked the ‘oomph’ that’s usually associated with well-fried erm, fried oyster.

With our tummies filled, we set off to shop up a storm at Shilin Night Market. No, I didn’t bother with photos so you’d just have to imagine them. Heh.


3 thoughts on “Shilin Night Market (Taipei: Day 5)

  1. 我亲爱的蚝仔面线~ Their 蚝煎 is very different from the ones we have in Singapore, don’t quite know how to eat it, especially with the weird sweet sauce.

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