Wufenpu (Taipei: Day 4)

After our jaunt to the temple, we took a cab to Wufenpu (五分埔). Simply put, Wufenpu is a wholesale hub. It reminds one of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok but it is a lot more ‘organised’ and it pretty much sells clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc etc etc. It is definitely a shopping haven for girls! 🙂

I was advised by Ms Blemon (who was in Taipei about a week before us) to visit in the late afternoon because that’s when most of the shops will be open. If you are there too early, many shops may not be open. We were also a bit concerned with inclement weather because it looked a little cloudy in the morning. The place is open-air so getting from shop to shop would be a bit of a hassle if it rained. Thankfully, the weather held up and the sun was hiding behind the clouds so it wasn’t too hot. Big phew.

This is a typical street in Wufenpu where shops can be found on both sides of the small streets. It would be easy to get lost within so we were very careful to remember which way we walked so that we wouldn’t end up walking about in circles! Besides, after a while, every street started to look the same so unless you had a map (or paid close attention to where you are walking), it’d be a little difficult getting back to where you originally started.

You’ve been warned 😉

As mentioned, the shops here are wholesalers. This means that prices fall drastically if you are buying in bulk, i.e. 10 pieces and above. We walked into one of the shops and there were just. so. MUCH. clothes!!!! Did I mention that some clothes were going for as low as S$4?

Yes, four Singapore dollars.

What can S$4 get you in Singapore? A meal at the food court? Tsk tsk.

See the rows and rows of clothes on the rack? That’s for you to browse through. And yes, take your time. There are LOADS to see.

One more thing: You are not allowed to try on clothes here but most of the clothes are in ‘free size’. I find that term really funny because ‘free size’ pretty much is ‘medium size’ because honestly, unless you are a ‘medium size’ (or smaller), I don’t think you can fit into any of ’em clothes!

Anyway, back to shopping.

Yes, this is ONE shop. LOADS of clothes to see, along with matching accessories, etc. It was, truly, eye-boggling! Suffice to say, I started to get dizzy after a while.

Mum got bored of shopping and decided to check out the street vendors selling food:

This friendly uncle was selling 鸡蛋糕 which literally translates into ‘egg cake’. It was only NT20 for one portion so mum bought a pack to try.

See? The uncle was smiling because he knew I was snapping a picture. Awwwww.

We also realised that the egg cake came in different shapes! How cute! Here’s my ‘pistol’:


It was actually very fluffy and soft! It made for a nice mid-shopping snack. Mum was happy with her snack and pack of apple juice:

Nom nom nom….

We wandered into the even-smaller lanes with yet more clothes, shoes, accessories, bags…you get the drift.

By now, I was getting really tired. Boo. There is only that much shopping a girl can do in a few hours!

The sister left with BAGS of clothes while I got a few pieces. I didn’t buy as many as I expected, probably because I’m rubbish at sifting through rows and rows of clothes. My eyes usually glaze over and I lose interest. Ha.

We had to head back to the hotel first to drop off the bags of clothes and to get that much-needed rest. Our poor feet (and eyes) really needed it…


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