Taiwan Storyland (Taipei: Day 3)

On our 3rd day in Taipei, we checked out Taiwan Storyland (台湾故事馆). The sister recommended it, having brought many friends here previously. We decided that we should do something vaguely touristy instead of just shopping and eating everyday. Heh.

Taiwan Storyland is located beside K-Mall (a mall similar to Funan/Sim Lim selling all sorts of electrical products). If you get to the building, the museum is not hard to spot. The MRT station is Taipei Main Station.

Right across the entrance is the Taipei Railway Station. Check out its size! MASSIVE!

I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger building. Well, maybe the Forbidden City in Beijing comes close…

Anyway, back to Taiwan Storyland. According to various websites, it is ‘Asia’s biggest retro-style street scene museum spread over 1500 pings (?)’ and it apparently ‘holds a collection of over 600 items’. Its tries to create life in Taiwan from the 1950s to the 1970s.

We made our way down the stairs to the basement and already, you feel like you’re entering another world.

Apparently, S.H.E. filmed their music video on location too!

After paying for our tickets (NT200 with NT100 in the form of meal coupons that you can utilise within the museum), we decided that we should grab lunch first. An empty belly makes us grouchy!

Found this little cafe/restaurant and decided it’d do for lunch.

We’ve learnt that portions in Taipei are HUGE so we decided we’d just share everything.

On hindsight, that was still quite a lot of food we ordered! Ha! There was also a side order of grilled pork and mum ordered a bowl of dessert too!

After all that food, we had to start exploring before we enter a food coma. The museum wasn’t particularly crowded so we could go ahead and take as many photos as we like without random strangers walking  into the shot.

Warning: Loads of photos from this point forth!

The place is laid out like a little village so you’d find a typical home and neighbourhood shops such as a salon, the dentist, a cafeteria, etc.

I quite liked the old school hair salon. Check out their equipment!

We also spotted a police station and couldn’t resist being silly. Heh.

There was also a corner with old school games.

Made mum pose in the medical shop…

…and she was really excited when she spotted an old favourite – the hop scotch game! I used to play in primary school.

Finally, our last stop: The classroom. I miss chalkboards! I miss the little wooden tables and chairs!

I think it doubles up as a music room too because there was an organ at the side. The sister is only pretending to play – no sound was coming out of it! Heh.

Notice the words printed on the side?

Take care of public property, be careful when moving

Haha. So cute.

I made mum and sis pretend to be bored students. Obviously, mum’s not very good at acting.


We also popped into the little souvenir shop (shopping! again!) and found some pretty old-school stuff, like this note book with Bruce Lee on it.

The boy saw it and went: Oooh, Bruce Lee! I want!

So I gave it to him. It’s still sitting in its plastic wrapping though. Not sure what he’s going to use it for! Heh.

If you haven’t been to Taiwan Storyland, go check it out on your next trip. It’d won’t take more than an hour as the place is not very big. Unless of course you decide to pose and photograph every corner of the place. You might need more than an hour then!

Taiwan Storyland
Basement 2, No.50, Sec.1,
Zhongxiao W. Rd.,
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City


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