I don’t get it.

This will probably show my age but I’m going to say it anyway.

What’s up with the Korean boyband craze? And why are so many teenage girls crazy over them?!

Many of my (female) students are really into these Korean boybands that I cannot differentiate. They usually have one (or more) of these traits:

  • Long floppy, silky hair (nicer than mine)
  • Wild, overly styled hair
  • Skinny (skinnier than me!)
  • Tight-fitting suits (can they breathe in them?)
  • Bizarre fashion sense (ok, maybe we can blame this on the stylist hired by the record company?)
  • I-am-so-hot-you-want-me poses
  • Overly made-up face (using more make-up than me!)

Very handsome meh? I have seen perfectly normal teenagers (i.e. some of my students) turn into a gushy pile of mush whenever I mention their name or ask them about it.

Granted, I haven’t heard them sing but I can’t even get past how they look!

Here’s what Google threw up after I typed in “korean boyband”:

See what I mean??!

Sometimes, I do a double take because I cannot tell whether they are male or female! Alamak!

Well, I guess the androgynous look is in which explains why 90% of the male student population have floppy hair that covers half their face and they spend a good part of the day trying to keep it that way. Hair product companies must be happy.

Me? I just wish I could see their right eye at least once throughout the semester. Quite a feat, really.

What worries me: Teenage girls will be looking for partners that look like the boybands! I find that slightly disconcerting. I mean, isn’t it scary if your husband pays more attention to his hair, face and dressing than you?

Right. I shall now sit back and brace myself for the onslaught of Korean boyband fan girls to leave defensive comments, belittling this old aunty for not ‘getting it’.



3 thoughts on “I don’t get it.

  1. hahaha! i can’t tell them apart either. how about it’s not the age, it’s just that they are not our type of guys! *BEAMS*

  2. hi ms goh, i totally second this post but it’s something i don’t know how to put across. thanks for letting me see my thoughts in words hahaha selina here btw

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