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Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant

The last time I went to Thien Kee for steamboat was yonks ago. It was introduced to me by my ex-colleagues and I was hooked. I totally loved the ‘old-school’ vibe (it’s at Golden Mile Tower) and what I loved was how you could have steamboat along with hainanese chicken rice and satay. It was such a strange combination but I love them all!

I’ve been meaning to take the boy to check out the place for the longest time but never did find the opportunity. We were in the area yesterday afternoon so it was finally a chance to check it out for dinner.

We arrived at about 5-ish and tables were already filled. For those not in the know, it gets really crowded on the weekends at dinner time so best to head there early!

We placed our oder (steamboat for 2) as well as a small portion of chicken rice along with 10 sticks of pork satay. Note that they only have pork satay – no choice there! No biggie because I do love pork satay anyway…

Thien Kee is located at the basement of the building and they take up almost the entire basement! Thankfully, the place is air-conditioned so you do not need to sweat it out while having steamboat. There was one particular table with 3 uncles drinking beer. I was wondering why they didn’t start eating and I got my answer when we were leaving at about 7pm – 2 young ladies came for dinner. Ahhhh…..

There were 2 small portions of raw food for the steamboat (above in the old-school silver platter), a small plate of chicken pieces along with chicken rice and 10 sticks of satay.

The verdict?

It was still really good! I especially love the fragrant chicken rice. Eat it with the black sauce and chilli and life’s really good 🙂 The chicken pieces were also very tender and juicy.

I realised that if we do not specify, we’d get the standard steamboat set and it comprises of cockles (“hum”), liver, fishballs, pork slices, fish slices, etc. The time time we are there, we’d have to specify that we do not want the cockles and liver. Heh. They were really fresh though! I do not usually like fishballs for the ‘plasticky’ taste but this was nice and….bouncy. Heh.

The satay was pretty standard – I’ve had better. The boy liked the sauce though.

When we called for the bill at the end of our meal, it was $37.70. Cheap cheap for a nice satisfying meal 🙂 Burp.

Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant
6001 Beach Road
#B1-20 Golden Mile Tower <– (this is beside Golden Mile Complex but there’s a door connecting the 2 buildings)
Tel: 6293 5910
Opening hours: Daily 11am-10pm


5 thoughts on “Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant

  1. Thien Kee Steamboat… a certain TP HTM student’s mum is working there, so maybe when you show her your staff card, you could get discounts next time! ;P

  2. Rachel – Make your own steamboat! We love having shabu-shabu at home coz it’s really easy!

    Dragonsis – I know you like that place quite a bit too. Everytime I read about you eating there, I wanna go too!

    Shinn – Oooh, really? Whose mum??

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