Love in Disguise

Last night, I had a movie date with Miss PR and Miss C to watch “Love in Disguise”.

I rarely watch chinese movies at the cinema but this was an exception – it is the directorial debut of Lee Hom and he’s also the lead character. In a gist, it is a simple story of Du Minghan (Lee Hom) who is a superstar singer (sounds familiar already?) and yearns for love. He meets a simple girl Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yifei) one day and decides that he needs to get to know her. Together with his assistant, they go undercover as country bumpkins and enrol in the music school that she is in. Joan Chen acts as his manager.

All photos credit to this site.

Warning spoilers: Spoilers ahead so don’t read on if you intend to watch it!

Du Minghan in the opening scene. Miss PR remarked that he shouldn’t paint his nose red because it makes it bigger. Heh.

Minghan and his assistant trying out various disguises. No, the afro look is not a good look, Lee Hom. And why Argentina?

Minghan (now known as Ah-De) in his country bumpkin disguise with his Xiaoqing. How come Lee Hom still looks good dressed in horrible clothes is beyond comprehension.

Minghan trying to convince Xiaoqing to pass the poem she wrote to her crush (another student). Of course, the poem is made up of lyrics from his latest single 你不知道的事 which is my current play-on-repeat-mode song.

Can’t remember what they were looking at but this scene is towards the end of the movie where Xiaoqing finds out that Ah-De is really Minghan the mega superstar. Then she feels cheated that he lied to her and then…..I’m sure you can figure out the ending lah.

The verdict? I thought it was a pretty enjoyable movie, Lee Hom looking hot aside. There were some laugh-out-loud moments but there was also a fair share of cheesy lines, dramatic over-acting as well as “Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” moments. There was also a fair amount of CG used.

But really, the whole point of watching this show was to ogle at Mr Lee on the big screen and we did plenty of it. Favourite scenes were those of him singing and playing the piano because it was a CLOSE-UP shot of his side profile. Swoon swoon swoon. *melts into a puddle*

Alternatively, you can also treat the movie as a 1.5 hour music video for him to plug his new album.

Either way, it was a very lovely outing with my fellow Homies and suffice to say, we left the cinema giggling like school girls. Heh.


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