The new love

I’m back from Taipei! I have tons of shopping stuff to unpack but before that, this is what was inside the pretty bag in my previous post:


I have no idea what this bag is called (anyone knows?) except that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

PS. I’m sorry for devoting an entire blog entry to a new bag. I know it’s completely frivolous but please allow me this indulgence because this is, quite possibly, the most expensive bag I have ever owned in my entire life thus far. Heh.


4 thoughts on “The new love

  1. Rachel – Oh yeah! You have the same bag! Heh. What a coincidence 🙂 Yes, I think you’re right about the name. I remember Vitello something-something on the receipt as well.

    Wendy – Heh. Go ask the husband to get you one too!

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