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Muffins for Domo

The sister is away in Hong Kong with mum so this afternoon, the boy and I decided that we’d spend the day hanging out with Domo. On a whim, I decided that I’d bake him some muffins. Googled to check what he can and cannot eat and decided that I’d replace salted butter with unsalted ones and used honey instead of sugar.

I had leftover cornflake from making cornflake cookies the day before so decided I’d make him peanut butter and cornflake muffins! Ok, I only added a teeny tiny bit of peanut butter in each muffin…

Guess who was eyeing the muffins as they were being cooled?

I was a little concerned that he would take one sniff at it and walk away but after taking one sniff and a bite, he loved it! WOOHOO!

In no time at all, the entire muffin disappeared. Heh.

Can I have another please, pretty please?


4 thoughts on “Muffins for Domo

  1. Hey there!

    Possible to share the recipe for the muffin? Would like to try and bake for my corgi. Thanks!

    PS: I really enjoy reading your entries! 🙂

  2. jean – Yes, he is VERY GREEDY. He can ignore you the whole time but once you hold some form of food in your hands, he’d be your best friend.

    Michelle – Thanks for leaving a note and glad you enjoy reading my rambles. Heh. I’ve send you an email!

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