miss ene attempts nasi lemak

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague asked if I’d like to purchase a cookbook to raise funds for St Luke’s ElderCare.

I glanced through the cookbook and quite liked what I saw – it contains recipes contributed by members of the Church of Singapore categorised into:

  • Cantonese meal
  • Hakka Hainanese meal
  • Hokkien meal
  • Hock Chew meal
  • Shanghainese meal
  • Teochew meal
  • Chicken Rice meal
  • Nasi Lemak meal
  • Singapore Peranakan meal
  • Penang Peranakan meal
  • Penang Hokkien meal
  • Filipino meal

For dinner tonight, I decided I’d try out the nasi lemak meal. I decided to cheat be smart and purchased fried chicken from the school’s muslim food stall. Heh.

This is the result:

The rice was easy enough – throw in coconut milk instead of water, added in 4 pieces of pandan leaves (from our plant!) and cook. I was also surprised at how easy the ikan bilis was. The recipe called for microwaving it and I was a tad skeptical. I thought you’d have to deep fry it and then set it aside, etc but apparently, it worked! It was nice and crispy. Yums.

But wow, the sambal was a different story. Fried it with onion slices and I was trying hard to avoid all the splatter! Naturally, the kitchen was a mess post-sambal frying. Urgh.

It wasn’t perfect (eggs were too salty, chilli was too oily) but nonetheless, I’m quite pleased at the result for a first try. *beams*


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