S***hub – Service quality at its best.

Warning: This is a rant.

So a couple of weeks ago, we received a bright cheery lime-green flyer from S***Hub (please replace *** with the same word that sounds like ‘sheet’) extolling their latest promotion called the ‘Chinese Pack’. I won’t go into details but basically, the boy got excited because there’d be chinese movie channels on it and since there’s pretty much crap on cable tv these days, we decided we’d sign up for the chinese pack since it’s only about $7 on top of what we are currently paying.

At about 11pm on Saturday night, I called their hotline, pressed 2000 buttons (press 1 for english, press 3 for tv services, press WHATTHEHELL for a human voice, etc) and then got a recorded message to say “Sorry, our sales department is closed for the day. Please ring us back or email us at blah blah blah”.

So sure, I drop them an email, stating my intentions of GIVING THEM MORE MONEY A MONTH and to PLEASE EMAIL/CALL ME BACK. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

For some strange reason, I decided I’d be kiasu and send them a similar request on their “contact us” form on their website, stating the same request.

Monday came round. No call, no email.
Tuesday came round. No call, no email.

Heck, I even checked my spam email box but still nothing.

Wednesday came round and I decided this was taking way too long to process a freakin’ simple add-on channel request.

I bit the bullet and called their hotline. I’m trying not to make jokes about the line being so hot that no one picks it up till your arm is sore and you are about to give up because in that amount of time you were on hold, you could have made a meal for 10 guests and washed up the plates.

No, I won’t joke about that because I am sure they are very very busy people.

Finally, after like FOREVER, a human comes on the line. WOOHOO! *throws confetti*

I told her, in an indignant voice, that I have already sent emails and a service request but I’ve not heard anything yet. Her answer?

Oh, we are upgrading our backend systems so we probably didn’t receive your email.

Ok, I get it. It was MY FAULT for inconveniencing them by – gasp – sending an email to ADD ON MORE CHANNELS. I should have been more considerate and wait patiently for them to complete the upgrading before – double gasp – giving them more work.

I conveyed to her my request (please note there was no apology, no “thank you for your patience”, etc) and she PROMISED that I will receive a call from her sales colleagues “by the end of today” or “latest by tomorrow”.

Ok sure. I’ve waited so long for an answer anyway, so what’s another day, right?

So I sit back and wait.

And wait.


For the record, I’m still waiting for that elusive call from those people in green.


2 thoughts on “S***hub – Service quality at its best.

  1. Alamak.. Starhub is in serious trouble liow. The husband is also unhappy with them. It concerns football.. how can it NOT upset him? I think he has already emailed them too.. hahaha.. perhaps they might not have received his email!! I better tell him!

  2. Haha. Your comment about football upsetting him made me laugh. Has the problem been resolved? I called them again and this time round, the guy in the line was very helpful and gave us our additional channels in 5 secs.


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