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We *always* need more shoes

Every once in a while, I’d decide that the clothes in my wardrobe needs a rehaul because they (1) are worn to death  (2) don’t fit anymore (3) were bought on impulse and I’m not sure why they are in my wardrobe in the first place.

So last Saturday, the boy and I headed to the Suntec/Marina Square area for a spot of shopping. I was on the hunt for clothes and shoes to replace the current lot. I have to state for the record that he was the usual sweetheart who carried all my shopping bags (and they were quite heavy by the time we headed home!). We took the train into the city because of the various road closures which was a good call on his part.

Thankfully, I managed to find quite a few pieces of affordable yet nice (to me!) clothes so I was a happy camper. What topped it all off was finding this pair of pretty peep-toe shoes at a whopping 70% off at Schu (Suntec City):

In the end, I paid…..drum roll please…….$21.

New (and cheap) shoes make me happy. Dum dee dee dum.


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