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After a spot of shopping at Millenia, I suggested that we check out Saboten for dinner. We walked past it after dining at one of the ramen shops beside it and from the pictures, it looked really good.

Here, japanese rice, miso soup and shredded cabbage is free flow – WOOHOO! Apparently, their rice is imported from Japan (cannot remember the exact location!). Mmmm. This was starting to look like a good dinner location.

The restaurant wasn’t particularly crowded. There were only 2 other parties other than us. It’s probably got to do with the (1) road closures because of the National Day Parade rehearsals (2) herd mentality where everyone else on the floor was heading to the ramen store located opposite. Pfffft.

The boy ordered the Loin Katsu Set (Large) while I went for the (smaller) Tenderloin Katsu Set. Before the mains arrived, a HUGE bowl of shredded cabbage as well as our individual bowl of sesame seeds to grind. On the table were 2 types of salad dressing – a sesame one and a vinegarish one. Sorry, I’m not very good at describing tastes! Heh. I preferred the sesame dressing. Reminded me of the yummy food we had in Hokkaido.

Grinding the sesame seeds kept us suitably occupied and by the time we were done, our main course arrived. Just look at it!

And yes, it tasted as good as it looks. The tenderloin was soft and tender while the crispy bits on the outside were perfectly fried without being overly oily. Usually, when we eat at Tonkichi, I’d usually not be able to finish my portion because it gets very jelak.

Not these babies.

I couldn’t get enough of them! I ate them with the tonkatsu sauce (homemade, apparently) and they were HEAVENLY. The boy ate TWO bowls of rice, TWO bowls of miso soup while I had an additional bowl of miso soup. We had an extra helping of cabbage as well. They are the perfect partners to the fried pork.

The wonderful meal was concluded nicely with a scoop of macha ice-cream.

The scoop of ice-cream was almost frozen! I had to exert quite a bit of strength to cut through it but I love how it’s totally round and neat. Ha.

The meal came up to about $52 but we’re not complaining. It was a very lovely meal and I cannot wait to head back. I guess my only grouse would be the service staff. Service was very prompt but they were trying too hard to be Japanese so they were bowing every time they did something at our table. A tad strange!

But I’d take that over bad service ANYTIME.

I can’t wait to head back to Saboten!

9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-01 Parco Marina Bay
Millenia Walk
Tel: 6333 3432


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